Coca-Cola and Autogrill offer a highway promo gift that grabs the attention of many. Coca-cola has been in the beverage industry for decades now. Through the years, the brand always gathers a huge client base. Currently, Coke offers an exclusive steel thermos flask that is available in most leading restaurants across Europe.

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Custom Steel Thermos as Highway Promo Gift


Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Marketing gifts like these take part in our daily activities. Therefore, every time a customer uses the promo gift it promotes brand recall.

First of all, Coke’s steel thermos as a highway promo gift is aesthetically beautiful. Their marketing giveaway is so good that it’s looking like a hot collectible promo.

Coke’s customised thermos allows everyone to keep their favourite beverage; may it be hot or cold. This thermos flask is vacuum sealed. Its quality insulation system keeps your drinks cold or hot. Hence, this is great to use during events, picnics, and trips.

Though the container is made from steel, it’s not troublesome to carry. In fact, it is so lightweight that even kids would love to bring this to their schools.


Why do we think Coke’s Promo Gift is perfect?

  • Promotes the Brand – With such a large space on the bottle, coke imprinted their logo clearly. Everyone easily sees the logo and the message. Also, you will certainly be able to focus your attention on the flask as it sports a shockingly bright colour. Overall, This highway promo gift is a favourite for marketing managers as it is easy to customise according to the brand’s theme.

Also, what’s really nice about this promotion is the fact that two brands collaborated to have a great promotion. Coke taps with Autogrill, leaving the shop as the sole bearer of this promotion. Consequently, both brands benefit from this promotion.

In conclusion, this custom steel thermos from Coke is something that other brands should look into. It’s great; guarantees success.

Should you want to have your own custom steel thermos, feel free to contact the ODM team. They’ll happily assist you with anything about marketing and manufacturing.

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