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Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Every summer, Coca-Cola and Autogrill offer a highway promo gift that would would grab the attention of many. Coca-cola has been in the beverage industry for decades now and through the years they have been able to gather a huge client base. The collectable offered this season is an exclusive steel thermos flask that is available at every restaurant in Europe. Hurry down and grab this awesome highway promo gift while stocks last.

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Boost sales with this highway promo gift.


Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Highway Promo Gift by Coca-Cola & Autogrill

Marketing gifts like this can be used on a daily basis and this way it would enhance brand recall as you are reminded of the brand every day when you use it. With such a large space on the bottle, you will certainly be able to turn heads and grab the attention of many by having a massively outstanding or bright colored bottle. This highway promo gift is a favourite for marketing managers as it is easy to customize and this way it will be able to suit your brand image and corporate colours.

Steadily increase brand awareness and enhance the brand image, by using recyclable materials. Seeing an organization use such materials will bring the brand to a positive light and in turn enhance the corporate social responsibility of the organization. With this in place, the company will be better received by the environmental friendly people out there in the market. Ultimately, this giveaway will generate sales due to an increase in brand awareness and its good image.

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Few words in italian…

“Durante qu’estate 2013, è possibile trovare in parecchi Autogrill dapertutto in Europa, un’offra che permette di completare la sua collezzione di travel grazie a Coca Cola. Una

borraccia termica in acciaio è disponibile per 7€50 con 50cl di Coca Cola. E anche possibile avere un altra bevende come Fanta, Sprite, or Nestea.

E anche utile per Coca Cola e Auto grill di offrire questo tipo di regalo perchè mostra un’utilità durante il viaggio e soprattuto per le vacanze.

Troviamo quest’offra in quasi tutte le Autogrill nelle autostrade, cioè quest’offra corrisponde perfettamente per gli viagiattori che vogliono mantenere le loro bevende al fresco durante il loro viaggio in auto. Quest’offra esclusiva di Autogrill si ripete ogni anno; questo fatto mostra che gli viagiattori amano questa collezione, e rimane pratica nell’utilizazione. Le vendita vengono a aumentare durante l’estate, dunque è molto benefico per le due attori di quest’offra. Con questo prodotto, ha una ”