Montblanc is offering a classy marketing merchandise with every USD 75 purchase of their Montblanc Legend fragrance. Montblanc is one of the most popular brands in the fashion and fragrance. They have been in the industry over decades now and that has allowed them to gather a huge client base. This chic and practical giveaway will certainly catch the attention of many. Hurry down to your nearest Macy’s store to grab hold of this promotion.

Classy Marketing Merchandise x Montblanc

Classy Marketing Merchandise x Montblanc

Increase sales significantly with this marketing merchandise!

This product can be used by practically anyone. It would be the perfect gift for the gym rats as it has sufficient room to hold your book for your days’ worth of classes and a change of clothes for your work out after. The thing that makes this marketing merchandise a favorite for marketing managers is the ease of customizing this product to suit the brand image and corporate colors of the organization. This marketing merchandise can be made of different materials, like leather for instance, if you are looking for something that is more high-end.

Marketing gifts like this can be used on a daily basis and this way it would enhance brand recall as you are reminded of the brand every day when you use it. With such a large space on the bag, you will certainly be able to turn heads and grab the attention of many by having a massively outstanding or bright colored bag.

Steadily increase brand awareness and enhance the brand image, by using recyclable materials. Seeing an organization use such materials will bring the brand to a positive light and in turn enhance the corporate social responsibility of the organization. With this in place, the company will be better received by the environmental friendly people out there in the market. Ultimately, this giveaway will generate sales due to an increase in brand awareness and its good image.