LED writing boards are perfect as bar or restaurant promos.

LED technology has really taken the lighting industry by storm, with its energy efficiency and long lifetime making so much more environmentally friendly than Neon (see blog)  A major advantage of LED lighting is that its wide variety and range of bright colours can be utilized as a great marketing tool.

This can be seen in the LED writing board being promoted at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair this week. The board is a simple writing board that is used with a set of special markers – allowing for messages to be sent with maximum impact, customized to suit user needs.

The messages written on the board can be wiped clean with a simple wet cloth, giving users the gift of high re usability. In addition, the LED writing board also benefits from the energy saving of traditional LED lighting, allowing for users to save on energy costs. These characteristics make the LED writing board a great promotional product to be used for bars and restaurants due to its eye catching nature.

For companies choose to offer the LED writing board as a promotional product, they can also yield benefits of direct marketing and advertising as logos can be imprinted on the side of the board, allowing the eye catching colors of the ink display to also draw attention to their product line-ups which is especially effective in restaurants and bars when consumers are highly likely to make impulse decisions and buy the company’s promoting product.

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