When focused on increasing your brand activation, you should think about new creative ideas. An idea could therefore be branded rugby balls. This is the perfect choice of promotion, especially considering that the Rugby World Cup is this November.

The Rugby World Cup is a men’s rugby union tournament contested every four years between the top international teams. This sports event attracts a lot of people from all over the world. You will thereby have huge possibilities to brand yourself on the worldwide stage.

Using Rugby World Cup to enhance your Brand Activation

Using Rugby World Cup to enhance your Brand Activation

How can rugby balls enhance your brand activation?

Rugby balls have an oval shape, which means that most of all company logos or names can be printed on the ball. This is truly a different way to increase the company’s brand activation, because people are paying attention to the sports games, where the rugby balls are used. When using this kind of brand activation, you are sure to gain awareness by everyone watching the game.

From CRM to CEM

Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience Management 

You probably already created a relationship to your customers through a lot of different marketing strategies. If you thereby want to maintain your customers, you need to give them something extraordinary through experiences.

Branded rugby balls are a focused promotional product, which means that customers now will recognise your brand in different kind of situations. No matter if you sponsor small or big events, your logo be associated with the experience.

You will therefore use the CEM strategy and give consumers experiences, which will maintain old customers and get new ones through experience promotions. CEM will therefore increase your awareness in new innovative ways, which lead to an increase in sales if the experience within is positive.

Using Rugby World Cup to enhance your Brand Activation

Using Rugby World Cup to enhance your Brand Activation

We see every time there is a major sports event, be it the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, there is ample opportunity to enhance your brand activation. Not only will association with an event such as the Rugby World Cup help, but also by focusing a promotional product which is related to this event will likewise boost your brand activation potential.

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more promotional products such as this. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can also help you come up with new and unique ideas for your promotional campaign. We already have a lot of experiences of designing and manufacturing rugby balls. Below are some other related products you can look at for more inspiration.

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