Drinkware with logo is an effective promotional product that targets a wide range of market, is long-lasting, and versatile. They go well with juice drinks, cold and hot beverages, as well as energy drinks. One good example is Glucon D’s branded tumbler, which was offered as a gift with purchase.

Drinkware with Logo

Drinkware with Logo

Glucon-D is a brand of vitamin supplement, manufactured by Heinz India. Offering drinkware with logo is a great marketing move since it can be used together with the powdered drink.

Spotted at a grocery store in Kathmandu, Nepal, the promotional gift is taped on the product packaging to show customers what kind of freebie they will get in return. Managers love to use promotional drinkware because they offer great brand impressions. As different types of drinkware serve different purposes, marketing managers can customize them any way they want.


Here are the reasons we love Glucon-D’s Drinkware with logo:

Reusable: Made from plastic, the Glucon-D’s drinkware with logo is sturdy and reusable. This is perfect for school, gym, home, and office use. As this is reusable, the recipient will not have to buy bottled water each time they need a drink, as they can just refill the bottle.

Drinkware with Logo

Drinkware with Logo


Goes Well with the Product: Glucon-D is a vitamin supplement that is made for kids and athletes. Athletes live an active lifestyle and they need something to keep them hydrated and energized. As such, this drinkware promotion idea by Clucon-D is such a great way to build recognition whilst incentivizing their customers.

Drinkware with Logo

Drinkware with Logo


Portable: We love the lanyard attached to the custom promotional tumbler. This allows customers to conveniently carry the drinking bottle wherever they go.


Branding: The lid and the lanyard are very noticeable in its orange and yellow hue. The logo is also printed on the bottle. As such, this created a stronger brand recall among consumers. They will eventually relate the drinkware with logo with the brand.


Bonded Premium: Attaching them on the packaging has also helped distinguish the brand from competitors.


Glucon-D’s drinkware with logo is a fine example of an effective gift with purchase idea. As they are practical, customers will surely keep them for months. People will surely use these products every day, gaining the brand daily exposure. So, are you ready to promote your brand through GWP drinkware with logo? Here are some quick and dirty tips to help you make the best out of your custom water tumbler giveaway!


Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Drinkware with Logo

  • Make the Branding Stand Out: Always make sure to brand your drinkware to make an impact. You can play with brand colors or have your brand name printed on the bottles. Doing so will help you gain more visibility beyond shop floors.


  • Decide on Your Delivery Mechanism: How are you going to distribute your drinkware with logo? In the above example, the product was offered as a gift with purchase. Determining your delivery mechanism also allows you to plan your marketing strategy better.


  • Consider Additional Functionality: Flexibility is what makes drinkware a reliable marketing gift. Many companies have developed multi-function water bottles and tumblers to provide more functionality and improve the aesthetics of their custom promotional merchandise. You, too, can add more cool features to your drinkware to make them even more useful. For instance, adding a phone holder or a Bluetooth speaker such as this one below:



Were you inspired by this example? We believe that you, too, can pull off a gift with purchase promotion using your drinkware with logo. The first step is to find a product sourcing company that can help you with designing and sourcing merchandise for business. This is where The ODM Group comes in. Feel free to contact our team so we can get started with product brainstorming and sourcing. We work hard to bring your visions to come alive whilst maximizing your marketing budget. Get in touch with us today!

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