Order a Slush Puppie to purchase a branded drink bottle to drink it in! This exciting purchase with purchase promotion was found at a dessert store at a UK shopping mall.

Branded Drink Bottle As Purchase With Purchase Item for Slush Puppie

Branded Drink Bottle As Purchase With Purchase Item for Slush Puppie

Customers, especially kids, will love this tall drink bottle, which they can reuse afterwards. The bone-shape bottle is made from plastic and has a built-in straw to make drinking convenient. Such purchase with purchase product is a great addition to their line of retail products.

Why We Love This Branded Drink Bottle as Purchase With Purchase Item

  • Practical Items Are Ideal Promotional Tools: Products that are of use to customers guarantee greater brand visibility especially if they are sturdy. The more they use the product, the more they become familiar with the brand.
  • Unique Products are Worth Collecting: Slush Puppie’s promotional bottle has a novel design that is suitable for a wide range of demographics. The uniqueness of the design makes it a wonderful collectible piece which  furthers brand engagement.
  • Improves Sales: With purchase with purchase promotions, businesses can get their customers to buy two products with one item being sold at a discounted price. Customers will feel as if they scored a great deal with such marketing scheme.
  • Perfect for Seasonal Campaigns: The branded drink bottle is ideal for summer promotions as well as sporting events, music festivals, and charity promotions as participants and attendees will have to remain hydrated throughout the event.

We love how the design appeals to the younger market and how practical it is. With such quality design, customers will not mind the extra cost to get the product. In conclusion, we find this exclusive promotional product from Slush Puppie an effective one!

Our Takeaway…

As mentioned above, a drinking bottle can be a wonderful promotional  item because it works great with any industry. They are useful for home, school, gym and office use. Below is a drink bottle used as a gift with purchase for a shampoo brand. Although the flask is not directly related to the product being sold, we still find this very effective:

Here is another drink bottle design that will turn heads. It has a collapsible body so it is easy to store and pack inside the bag.

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