Sport, Emojis and Design. How are they all linked? By these customized golf balls we spotted on the shop shelf. These customized golf balls are a great example of how you can use personalized promotional products to engage customers. These golf balls are a brilliant combination of practicality and a fun design that will instantly gain a customer’s attention.

Customized Golf Balls: Pairing Emojis and Sport

Customized Golf Balls: Pairing Emojis and Sport

We love this sports promotion! Never a dull game of golf again – this fun product is suitable for all ages and a great way of particularly engaging a younger audience in a new sport.

As it says on the packaging ‘collect them all’ – incentivising customers to buy this 6 pack of golf balls even though they may actually only need a few balls. This is an interesting way of attracting customers to buy more than they actually need.


Customized Golf Balls: Pairing Emojis and Sport

Customized Golf Balls: Pairing Emojis and Sport


Customized golf balls would make for a fantastic Covermount gifts for a golf magazine such as Golf Digest Magazine Could Customized golf balls or customized sporting items in general push up your sales?


Benefits of customized golf balls and other customized sports products:

Health Benefits: Golf is a great exercize and by creating customized balls and other sports kit you are demonstrating that your company cares about well being – an important thing to show in today’s world. This product would be particularly good for getting children to try a new sport.

 Branding Potential: These differ to the usual white golf balls. They are a great opportunity for emoji to brand themselves on an object that is otherwise usually unbranded. This is a great way to promote brand exposure on sporting items.

Finer Brand Remembrance: This unique brand promotion helps customers to remember your brand image and the unique design gets people talking. This in turn markets itself and leads to great brand awareness. Products such as these customized golf balls would be particularly memorable at a trade show marketing.

Great Gift: Customized golf balls would provide a great gift! Cheap, fun and something to get you active.


If you’re considering using customized golf balls or other customized sporting goods – such as water bottles, bags, sports hats, socks – for your promotions, then feel free to contact odmgoup today. We’d love to hear from you!


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