Football is one of the world’s favourite and most celebrated sports. This is a great opportunity for the sports industry to create promotional campaigns and boost their sales. This is a great opportunity for brands to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. This blog will show you a few of our favourite promotional and marketing items that caught our attention.

Unique Ideas for Branded Promotional Football Items.

Beer Koolzie:

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

When watching soccer games with family or friends, beers and other cold drinks are always present. This little beer/cold-drinks koolzie is shaped like a football shirt. It’s the perfect marketing giveaway since its design is pretty eye-catching. It is also easy to print a logo or brand on both sides. Surely, this is a great campaign to increase brand visibility.

For another unique sports-related promotional item, check out this sports sofa below. It is fun and interesting, definitely catching the attention of many. For enquiries regarding this product, call ODM and quote the product code 1635.

Promotional Keychain:

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

This branded little keychain serves as a good promo giveaway at any sports event. Aside from the fact that it creates more awareness, it also promotes customer loyalty because consumers are more drawn to your brand when you give freebies. In return, customers patronise your product over competitors. Furthermore, this can be great as part of the gift with purchase campaign.

Soccer Pads:


Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

As soccer or football fans, anything related to it is valuable to them. This makes soccer pads another great way to promote your brand. You can either choose to offer these pads as part of the collectible promos or as gaming merchandise. This could also be a grand item for the gift with purchase campaign.

Below is a sample gift with purchase case study from Nike that we love! Check out this extremely attractive and cost-effective promotional item!

Branded Footballs


Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products

Excellent Ideas for Soccer Promotional Products


Lastly, we have these branded footballs. These are a standard recognition-merchandise in the sports industry. It is a very good item to be part of your branding strategy. This promotional football can be used as a giveaway in big football events. Whatever special offers you have, this should be a part of it.

Promotional Products as Alternative Business Cards.

This is another great idea. Instead of using the usual paper business cards, we can start using promo items. We all know that business cards will continuously be an important business staple but having these promotional products are a fun and innovative way to showcase your contact information. Hence, we can brand football merchandise with company details and contact. This is a simple yet creative way to boost your brand whilst sharing contact details.


How can ODM Help?

Keen on creating your very own promotional products to boost business performance? Contact ODM now! Our experienced team will be able to assist you with every step of the process – from design to manufacturing. Our product designers will also be able to provide you with multiple unique ideas for you to wow your audience. 


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