Win Tickets to UEFA EURO 2020: Coca-Cola’s Best On-Pack Promotion

Coca-Cola continues its 32-year association with UEFA by being one of the official sponsors of this year’s UEFA Euro Football Championship. To tap into consumers’ excitement, the company has launched one of its best on-pack promotions that will run across take-home and on-the-go packs. Customers can win a ticket to the renowned championship finals with a purchase of any qualifying Coca-cola products!

Best On-Pack Promotions

Best On-Pack Promotions


Last September 5th, 2019, UEFA and Coca-Cola have announced a deal that will see the beverage manufacturer become the official non-alcoholic beverage sponsor for UEFA EURO 2020.

The sponsorship deal will allow the company to showcase several brands, including sparkling beverages, sports drinks, water, ready-to-drink coffee, and fruit-based drinks, with low and sugar-free options.


How to Participate in this Coca-Cola’s On-Pack Promo?

Shoppers should look out for qualifying Coca-Cola promotional packs as follows: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 2L, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Vanilla 2L, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cherry 2L, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine 2L, Diet Coke 2L, Diet Coke Sublime Lime 2L, Fanta Orange 2L, Fanta Orange Zero 2L, Dr. Pepper 2L, Dr. Pepper Zero 2L, Sprite 2L, and Lilt 2L.

Best On-Pack Promotions

Best On-Pack Promotions


After purchasing, they simply need to text TICKETS, their full name, and postcode to 60110 to claim their raffle entry. A maximum of one entry per person and one prize per household is subjected to the on-pack giveaway promotion.


What Makes this Promotion the Best?

Kicks Off Football Fever! 

  • With the proceeding Football Championship, this promotion will totally make the fans raving.  Having the opportunity to watch the finals and support your favorite team in person sounds a great deal. Moreover, it will pique the interest of sports fans and shoppers who would love to try their luck and participate in this supermarket’s in-store promotion.

Clever Branded Shelf-Talker

  • Utilizing a branded shelf-talker makes this promotion stand out in the retail setting. It makes the promotion stand out from the shelf; thus, it will be easier for customers to spot this promotion. Furthermore, with the brand’s key elements, it can quickly inform the strolling shoppers what starts the buzz and steer them in to find more.

Best On-Pack Promotions

Best On-Pack Promotions


Supporting Retailers

  • Following the ease of restrictions, it is definitely time for convenience retailers to get back on the game. This campaign will help retailers tap into their customers’ excitement and offer them something to look forward to in visiting their stores. Consequently, this promotion can further earn the trust and loyalty of retail owners as the brand looks after them as their partners.

Sustaining Partnerships

  • Coca-Cola’s valued commitment to the European national team football shows how the brand can be a perfect partner to UEFA. With the brand’s ability to unite people and bring them together, it will be advantageous for the event to sustain its mission and goals. On top of that, harnessing the brand’s power to drive awareness will propel engagement pre, post, and during the games.

Best On-Pack Promotions

Best On-Pack Promotions


To Wrap It Up,

With years of experience in executing high-profile marketing campaigns, Coca-Cola’s UEFA EURO 2020 promotion is certainly one of their best on-pack promotions. Done right, they have proved once again that they can steer up emotions and let their customers “taste the feeling of happiness” with this impressive giveaway prize marketing.


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