Leuco dye is a type of thermochromic material (substance which reversibly changes colour due to a change in temperature). It can be used on many surfaces such as ceramics, glassware, metal and plastics, and is often used in situations where only a general indication of temperature is needed.

A common example is the popular color changing mug that changes color to reveal a promotional message when hot liquid is added.   Heat sensitive coating is applied to cover the message you want to reveal. When hot liquid is added to the mug, this coating becomes transparent, revealing your message. This coating is restored to its original color of black or blue as mug cools. If you prefer to have your logo or message constantly visible, it can be screen printed on the mug after the heat sensitive coating has been applied.

Not to worry if you need to print a complex design on these heat sensitive mugs. Screen printing, dye sublimation, and full colour process printing can all work with Leuco dye. You can even add a secondary branding message on the inside rim or on the base through transfer printing methods.

Easy to work with, Leuco dye has a wide range of applications beyond imagination.

  • Promotional pens that change color when held
  • Bath toys that predict the hotness of baby’s bath water (thermometer)
  • Clothing that change color according to amount of body heat generated
  • Stress ball that change color
  • Tattoo that reveals a message when applied on skin
  • Game cards that reveal a message when heated or chilled
  • Coasters that reveal a message when a chilled drink is placed on it
  • Stirrers that change color when dipped in cold drinks
  • Label or packaging that change color when food or beverage is at correct temperature for serving
  • Posters that change color when touched
  • Neck collar on bottle that change color to indicate that it is chilled

This thermochromic effect can be used creatively to enhance brand experience. Gifts that change color or magically reveal a secret message are great for on pack promotions and new product launches. They are engaging and bring interaction with customers to a whole new level.

ODM has a wide array of thermochromic promotional products which can be customized to suit your promotional needs. They come in various shapes and sizes.  Can add that little bit extra to fundraising, corporate or promotional events.