Along with its Grass Can Cooler GWP, Carlsberg is holding another promotional giveaway to add to its arsenal promotions for the UEFA EURO 2012.  This time, all you have to do is to purchase a Carlsberg Green Label 18-can promotional pack and you will be entitled to redeem one of 4 exclusive Carlsberg Fan Scarves.

GWP Promotion - Limited Edition Fan Scarf by Carlsberg

By having a variety of designs for this promotional gift, Carlsberg is able to cater to wider range of customers with different preferences. This promotional gift works as an incentive product to attract soccer fans and encourage them to purchase more Carlsberg products, hence driving sales. Carlsberg has done an excellent job by utilising scarves as one of their promotional product for the UEFA EURO 2012. This is because scarves are complementary products used by fans all over the world to cheer on their favourite team while watching a game.

Promotional Gift - UEFA EURO Fan Scarf by Carlsberg

We really love the fact that Carlsberg has branded its eye catching logo on this promotional item. By doing so, it increases the brand awareness of Carlsberg and at the same time acts as free advertisement. There are several ways for branding your customized promotional product:

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