Are you ready for summer? If you aren’t fully equipped, then perhaps a Carlsberg Summer Kit would be the perfect gift for you!

Carlsberg carried out their promotional campaign for the season by distributing their ‘Carlsberg Summer Passion Beach Kit’ to customers in bars and pubs for every purchase of 2 beer kegs. Each set consisted of a pouch, two pairs of sunglasses, a bikini, swimming trunks and a beach bag.

Of all the items, ODM loves the beach bag the most because it has a meshed bottom which would not ‘collect’ sand as much as covered bottom bags would.

Hence, making it a great item to take to the beach!   This promotion stands out amongst others because Carlsberg’s signature logo and colours are prominently reflected on every item. Furthermore, this would encourage brand recognition and even brand recall in the long haul.

These giveaways act as an incentive products that entice fans into purchasing more. At the same time, it is also a reward to thank its supporters.

Wait no further and head down to the beach for some frolicking in the Sun now! If you are looking for other beer related promotional items, why not check out our blog dedicated to it?

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