In conjunction with UEFA EURO 2012, Carlsberg is conducting a gift with purchase promotion in Singapore. All you have to do is to purchase 1 pack of Carlsberg Green Label 18-can pack and you’ll receive an in-pack grass fabric can cooler!

Promotional Gift - Grass Can Cooler

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice this promotional gift is different from the regular can coolers. Those coolers that are out in the market are made of neoprene which acts as an excellent insulator while this promotional can cooler is designed to look and exude the “grassy” feel. However, it’s creative design gives no compromise to it’s functionality. Even with its unique design, this promotional item works perfectly well when it comes to keeping your drinks cool!

GWP Promotion in Singapore - Grass Can Cooler by Carlsberg

What ODM loves about this promotional product is it’s innovative design and branding. By creating a visual representation of a soccer pitch through the can cooler, customers will be able to gain better brand awareness and also associate Carlsberg as one of the main sponsers of UEFA EURO 2012.

This is extremely crucial in driving the sales of their beer. With their logo and tagline “This calls for a  Carlsberg” branded on the promotional merchandise, it amplifies the marketing efforts and heightens brand recall.

Doesn’t this promotional can cooler remind you of our very own 4-in-1 Coolzee and The Octopus?

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