VinExpo is one of the major wine and spirits exhibitions that never fails every time to draw in enthusiasts and experts from all over the world. Ever since it started in 1981, it has managed to innovate with its physical structure and not just beverage to its participants, but also relaxation and art. Not to mention, it has also been serving as a trading ground for wine producers over the years.

La Bergère at VinExpo 2012

The ODM Group attended this amazing event in 2012. There were so many remarkable booths that showcased their own brands of wine in more ways than you can imagine. In a particular moment, we stopped by La Bergère booth and scoped some of the cool promotional products that they were giving away.

VinExpo 2012 - La Bergere Wine USB Key

VinExpo 2012 – La Bergere Wine USB Key


The wine bottle above could have easily passed as a real one, if not for its miniature size once you see it in person. Nevertheless, it can still make you bubbly when you realize how it can be beneficial for you (and your work, possibly). This, in fact, is a key chain and a 4GB USB combined into one awesome packaging. Yes, talk about functionality!

VinExpo 2012 - La Bergère USB Key

VinExpo 2012 – La Bergère USB Key (Uncapped)


For the wine savvy, think of all the files and songs and video clips you can save in this USB key. You can also feel free to think of this wine brand anytime you look at their useful giveaway. For those who are looking for ways to place their name or logo strategically on something, don’t you think this promotional product enhances brand recall?

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