In the previous blog about Champagne Bottle Coolers, we mentioned that Gosset was really innovative in designing new POS promotion or packaging. We took the opportunity to visit their booth at VinExpo while they were presenting their new bottle glorifiers and packaging.

VinExpo 2012 – Gosset Champagne Packaging

This Gosset Champagne packaging is a great way to promote their wine. As the color of that rounded carton box is the same as the label, it will definitely ensure good brand recall.

VinExpo 2012 – Gosset Champagne Glorifier

A bottle packaging or a bottle glorifier doesn’t have to be expensive to be efficient. Even though Gosset is using inexpensive material for the box but the design boost the product presentation to make it look even more luxurious.

That said, metal crafted bottle glorifier is pretty impressive. The design is complex, mixing metal and glass, printing and engraving. Gosset really did a great job on that. The Champagne bottle was looking like a work of art on that booth.

What do you think of these Champagne bottle packaging?

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