Seeking effective promotional ideas for your corporate gifts. Wine related gifts can truly set your firm apart from competition by offering classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value.

ODM lists some of the most popular wine related corporate gift ideas below. This is not an exhaustive listing and many more products could have made the list..

Wine Decanter

Decanters are key items for wine lovers. For old wines which contain sediments (due to the aging process), properly decanting will insure that these have a chance to settle at the bottom of bottle or decanter. Younger wine will benefit from decanting by increasing its contact with oxygen, thus releasing aromas.

Lastly, presentation of wine in a beautiful crystal decanter adds to the ambiance of a beautifully dressed table.

Wine Aerator

Similar to the decanter, wine aerators enhance the taste of the wines you drink by exposing them to air. However, aerators do this task better and faster than decanters.

No need to remember to open the bottle long before dinner in order to enjoy its full aroma, aerators deliver oxygen to the wine rapidly and efficiently. A great item for all impatient wine connoisseurs out there.

Wine Vacuum Pump

On the opposite side, if you would like to keep your wine for later (if you do not wish to finish a full bottle in 1 sitting) oxygen should be kept out of your bottle in order to prevent the aromas from escaping. The use of a vacuum pump becomes mandatory. By inserting a rubber bung into the neck of the bottle and extracting the air, you insure your wine will lose nothing of its bouquet and is ready to be served again days later.

Bottle Stands

Meant to showcase your best wine while on the table or bar.  this can just be for decoration purposes or have pouring function.  Bottle stands are the perfect tools to fit for displaying your unopened wine.

Choose from wood, metal, glass and a host of other materials and designs.

Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers are devices used to seal a bottle of wine after it has been opened in order to keep the wine from spilling and to prevent oxygen from spoiling the beverage. Traditionally made of cork, wine stoppers evolved and can now take many shapes and forms. Easily personalized, they bring a nice touch to any celebration or events and can represent any theme of your choice.

Wine Case

This item allows you to easily carry around your favourite bottle and can also provide a great gift pack when offering a bottle of wine to somebody as a gift.

Meant to conserve and protect your best bottle while it is carried around, wine cases are great addition to an already classy product. They can come in many shape, colors and material.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are also one of the most important element in any wine tasting. Shape is important as it concentrates the flavor and the aroma (bouquet) to emphasize the varietal’s characteristics. For example red wine glasses have shorter stems and wider bowls as compared to white wine glasses.

Wine glasses are also of key importance to decorate dinner table and can easily be customized to your specific need and want.  Give away a specific glass to your customers to tie in with the location of the event or which fits in well with the region the clients come from.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Flûtes are stem glasses with tall, narrow bowls. The concept is to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink and to retain champagne’s signature carbonation/fizziness. Usually coming in sets of 2, 6 or 12, champagne flutes are the perfect idea for corporate gifts.

They can be easily customized according to your designs.  This gift is synonymous with luxury.

Wine Charms

Wine charms are decorative loops to be wrapped around the stem of a wine glass in order to help you remember whose glass is whose. Useful during parties, marriages or get-togethers, wine charms provide personalized items to all attending guests in order not to mix up glasses. Allow guests to take them away & remember those precious moments.

Wine Album

Marrying modern design and ease of use, allows you to collect your preferred labels in a single and elegant album. No longer you will forget that exceptional bottle that you enjoyed or the special occasion on which you savored that excellent wine.

Wine Coasters

Another handy and fashionable item, wine coasters keep wine drips from reaching tables and counters. At the same time, they can easily be customized in terms of material and appearance. From polished stainless coasters to glass, ceramic,etc…  Wwine coaster are yet another item used to dress your table for big events.

Please do not miss our upcoming blog on the various designs for bottle openers!  Running out of space here…..

We hope this short list gave you some ideas of the wonderful gifts you can offer to accompany wine in order to make it a truly wonderful experience. If any of those items are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact ODM and we will happily provide you with additional details and pricing.

Wine related gifts might be exactly what you need.