Check out this high-end customized wine case by Baron de Caravetes. Not only did the packaging impressed many customers, but it also sustained their interest.


Customized Wine Case

Customized Wine Case

Wine products often target high-end customers. As such, the wine packaging  should also reflect the quality of the product. Having a nice packaging will significantly boost your image and ultimately sales. How so? The quality and appearance of your packaging primes your customers into thinking that the products are of high-quality. In essence, how you present your brand not only should impress, but tell your brand story as well.

For that reason we love Baron de Caravetes’ wine case. We were impressed by the simple, yet elegant appeal of the packaging.

Here’s What Makes this Customized Wine Case Stand Out:

  • Sturdy: The durability of the packaging provided stable support for the bottles. It kept the bottles of wine from breaking.
  • Upholds Band Reputation: The outer part of the case is covered with leather for a classy luxurious feel. This furthers improve the reputation of the product. As wine brands target high-end clients, their customized wine case was a fantastic wine packaging solution.
Customized Wine Case

Customized Wine Case

  • Nicely Branded: The word “Superior” was debossed on the leather, giving the the case a nice, expensive-looking texture. The personalized touch also gives off a feeling of exclusivity. Offering something that competitors do not have makes customers feel as if the product is worth their money.
  • Vintage Appeal: The older the wine gets, the better it becomes. And this is reflected through their custom wine packaging. “Vintage,” in winemaking, refers to the time the grapes were harvested. According to wine connoisseurs, this immensely affects the taste and smell of the wine. Baron de Caravetes did great showcasing their brand as something wine lovers would want to add to their collection.
Customized Wine Case

Customized Wine Case

  • Keeps Bottles Safe: The bottles are kept in place with a leather strap. So no matter where customers go or how much they move, the bottles will remain intact during travels or shipping.


Other Amazing Aspect of Baron de Caravetes’ Promotion

  • Inside, there were two bottles of wine and branded wine accessories. One of the accessories we recognized is a corkscrew. Great addition to the set, having this as a complimentary gift with purchase shows how much effort they put into creating this gift set. Customers will certainly appreciate the thought as this will help them open their wines easily.
Customized Wine Case

Customized Wine Case

  • Another useful item that the brand incorporated into their set is the wine bottle ring. A bottle ring is an essential wine accessory that fits in the neck of a wine bottle. This absorbs drops of wine that may run down the neck after pouring, and keep the tablecloth stain-free.


One Mistake to Avoid

Although we love the packaging and the other items included in the box, we can’t help but notice the plastic packaging used for the wine accessories. All the cases contain the same plastic packaging and kind of ruined the presentation. We suggest remove the plastic altogether to keep it neat. Or wrap the items in a better-looking packaging such as food grade foam polyethylene sheet. This lightweight plastic is often used for packaging electronic devices and fragile items.

If you are adventurous enough, you may want to try quirky custom shapes to make a bold statement. Here’s a unique example of a wine set with quirky casing.


If you have large marketing budget to spend, why not invest in branded wooden packaging? Wood can add a touch of luxury and class to your products. Moreover, they are sturdier as compared to corrugated cardboard. They can also be used to keep other items long after the wine has been consumed. Your wooden packaging supplier might be able to give you beautiful yet affordable options that will suit your budget.

So, would your company benefit from a customized wine case? If so, do not hesitate to contact The ODM Group. We have a lot of experience in marketing drinks and wine promotions. Our previous projects include high-end wine promotional products such as wine aerator, wine glasses, and tools. Speak with our merchandisers and product designers today.


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