Sports equipment is a popular choice of marketing used by many brands. Sports apparel is often representative of a brand. Staying active is an essential part of many people’s lives. Thus, custom sports products are a great way of engaging with your customers to spread your brand name as they go about their day. On a recent business trip to Yiwu, our team found some amazing sports products for marketing. From using them as on-pack promotions, to prizes for contest giveaways, customers from all walks of life will be able to enjoy them!

1. Custom Sports Drawstring Bag

Unsure of which kind of custom sports products you can offer to your customers? You will not go wrong by choosing a custom sports drawstring bag. Drawstring bags are practical products loved by many. Unquestionably, its many uses makes it a superb promotional item. Not only can athletes can use it to pack their sports items, customers who are not athletes can also use it as a normal bag! Moreover, its lightweight material will definitely make it an attractive product to your customers. No one wants to carry a heavy bag out for a casual trip. Additionally, the large area on the drawstring bag is fully customizable! It is a great product to print your brand name on and spread brand awareness.

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2. Custom Sports Face Mask

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic still going strong, face masks are still an essential part of our outdoor activities. Normal masks like the N-95 can be difficult to breathe in. That’s why, fret not! Here we have masks just for sports! Made with light and breathable materials, these masks are capable of absorbing sweat and moisture. Sports players will absolutely love them. Furthermore, you can choose to customize these masks. Not only can you print your brand onto the fabric, you are also spoilt for choice between the adjustable string strap or sturdy ear hook.

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3. Custom Sports Scarves

Sports scarves are known to be used by various sports brands as a form of promotion. With its long length, there is ample room for you to print your full brand name. In addition, you can also choose to customize the colours to fit your brand’s needs. Evidently, even large brands such as Manchester United are a fan of this marketing strategy. Furthermore, scarves were also a staple of tropical climate Singapore’s National Day Fun Pack. This proves that you do not need to be in a cold country to use this promotional strategy. Undoubtedly, scarves are a strong tool for marketing you cannot overlook!

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4. Custom Sports Long Socks

Socks are all the rage these days! Many of us are avid collectors of socks. Long socks, short socks, coloured socks, textured socks, patterned and even themed socks! However, the designs for typical sports socks can be limited. Now, that is such a pity as socks are an incredibly versatile promotional tool. Socks can be worn in the office, as casual wear- basically a wonderful promotional idea. Hence, don’t worry! Here, we offer to you fully customizable sports socks. You can create your own unique designs and we will deliver them right to you. Your customers will absolutely love adding this one of a kind socks to their collection.

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Custom sports products can be an amazing tool for marketing. You can set yourself apart from your competitors with this sports twist on normal product ideas offered by most brands.

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