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Customized Promotional Socks

Customized Promotional Socks

Why : Promotional Socks make a great way to personalize your brand into an apparel. This is because socks do not discriminate in terms of gender and age – therefore is highly applicable to all sorts of people. 

What : In 2018, we helped manufacture the Year of the Pig Socks in anticipation for the New Year in 2019. We have made a series of customized promotional socks based on these zodiac characters which make a good New Year campaign for brands all over the world. 

Product Specifications : The socks have a Grey and Pink colorway to help identify the animal (pig). Each Sock have a 220mm length for the feet and ankle area respectively. We’ve also attached a custom sock packaging to make it more personalized.

Branding Method : The socks are manufactured using the Jacquard Technique, or otherwise known as the weaving technique used to make fabrics such as socks.

Mechanisms : Giveaway promotional items, Marketing, Personalized promotional gifts, promotional gift

Customized Promotional Socks

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