Project Description

Branded Keyrings

Branded Keyrings

Why : Branded Keyrings are great mediums for brand awareness. This is largely due to their high utility. Our personal keys are such a commonly used item in our daily lives, so much so it is an easy thing consumers can identify with. Especially for Automotive brands with a traditional key, this product helps complement with the target market.

What : The ODM Group helped design and manufacture these branded keyrings. Keyrings are meant to make it easier for users to reach into small spaces (like pockets and a bag) for their keys. They definitely make a convenient and neat way to secure your keys.

Product Specifications : The keyrings have a direct metal attachment to connect the keys, with a matte leather strap.

Mechanisms : Corporate promotions, Personalized promotional gifts, Promotional Product, Covermount promo gifts, Branded promotional products

Branding Method : The metal attachment was engraved to display the brand’s logo and the packaged into a black box.

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