POS Marketing


POS Marketing What : A Point-Of-Sale Display (POS Display) is a type of sales promotion where products are placed on shelves or counters near a transactional purchase area. Why :  To draw the customers' attention to the products displayed and prompt them to make an impulse [...]

Gin Marketing


Gin Marketing What : Gin infusers create new flavors in your drinks in minutes. They are the key to creating a cocktail full of flavors and aromas. Why :  To add exclusive and unique tastes to your cocktails. Having branded items such as the gin infuser will [...]

Medical Bags


Medical bags are portable bags commonly used by physicians or other medical professionals to transport medical supplies and medicines. In this case, this portable medical bag is also useful for patients with multiple types of medicines that need to be administered on the go. We at ODM developed these bags with high-quality components including a robust carabine clip and elastic bungee cord on the rear.

Customizable Bags


Customizable Bags Why :  Customizable Bags are really engaging for customers, because of the interactive nature of the product. With outlines and designs that are on the bag, customers feel prompted to color within the lines. These bags come with its own coloring crayon set which [...]

Custom Ipod Covers


Custom Ipod Covers Why :  Phone and Music Player accessories have been a successful way companies have been using to promote their brands. They are very versatile in the sense where every company in each industry can leverage on - due to the highly utilized nature [...]

Custom Sports Equipment


Custom Sports Equipment Why : Sports activities such as skiing, hockey, archery etc. are very dependent on available equipment. Unlike traditional sports such as Soccer, these sports activities allow much more space for custom merchandise - where brands can use it as a medium to promote their [...]

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