In movies, you see limousines with mini fridges, where cold drinks are pulled out instantly. But in your own cars, the most you can do is turn down the temperature and hope for the best for your drinks. With this promotional custom cup holder, you will have your very own portable cup warmer and cooler. No longer will you have to deal with unpleasant lukewarm drinks in your car!

Benefits of the Heating and Cooling Custom Cup Holder for Cars


This custom cup holder is able to change temperatures to turn your drink hot or cold. The coldest it gets is 6 Celsius / 42.8 Fahrenheit, and the warmest it reaches is 55 Celsius / 131 Fahrenheit. It provides constant temperature insulation to ensure that your drink remains at the temperature you love. Gone are the boring days of long road trips or traffic jams where you are desperate for a refreshing drink.

Ease of Use

This custom cup holder can be powered up by your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Furthermore, it fits into the built-in cup holders in cars, which means you do not have to worry about the cup holder falling over or spilling when you brake. With only two buttons for the hot and cold option, this cup holder is simple to use, and you can easily switch to either choice as you like. Additionally, when the voltage is below 10.5V, this gadget will automatically shut down to save the car battery. Isn’t it wonderful?

Design Customizability

Sophisticated black, and elegant white. These are just two out of the five colours available that caught our eye! There is a wide range of colours to choose from, including rose gold, red, and blue. If you have other colours in mind, we can turn your ideas into reality by customizing the custom cup holders for you! On top of that, your company’s logo can be printed on the cup holders as well.


Branding is the most important form of advertising and marketing. It forms the first impression in new customers and sets the expectations of the customers for your company. The custom cup holder is practical and functional, which is a wonderful product to introduce to new customers. By printing your company’s logo onto the cup holder, it raises brand awareness of anyone who sees the product in cars.

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How long does it take my drink to heat up or cool down?

It takes about 30 mins to cool down or heat up your drinks from room temperature.

Is there a switch to turn the custom cup holder on or off?

No there is not! All you have to do is plug in or pull out the plug from the cigarette lighter socket.