12 Hot Coffee Promotional Items to Wow Customers

Pictures of Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee, have graced our social media timelines these past few months. People have a lot of time in their hands now more than ever and this means trying out every trending recipe on social media. But this could eventually become more than just a trend. From a marketing managers’ perspective, this is an opportunity to boost your marketing by offering coffee promotional items that suit the culture and lifestyle of your customers.

So, to help you brainstorm your next coffee project, we have listed the must-have items for an Instagrammable coffee recipe trend that your customers will hop on to.

Coffee Promotional Items to Wow Your Customers!

1.Custom USB Mug Warmer with Charger

Keep coffee hot for longer with this coffee warmer and cup set. Perfect for everyone especially those who are working from home. This also doubles as a mobile phone charger so it is a multifunctional product that will surely benefit many.

Custom USB Mug Warmer

Custom USB Mug Warmer

The warmer plate maintains a 55-degree Celsius heat so that it is not too hot to touch. The charger only works with smartphones with wireless charging functionality, though.

2. Custom Coasters

Coasters are a simple, yet very powerful household advertising tool. They keep the table free of stains and depending on the design, they also work as a decorative piece. What s great about coasters is that they can be made from a wide variety of materials: wood, cork, plastic, and even ceramics. On the left, we have cork coasters while on the right, we have custom shaped coasters made from ceramics.

Coffee Promotional Items- Drinks Custom Coasters

Coffee Promotional Items- Drinks Custom Coasters

Coffee Promotional Items- Custom Ceramic Coasters

If you are interested in custom cork coasters then contact our team with product code ODM-1060. For ceramic ones, do not hesitate to contact us with product code ODM-2028.

3. Custom 3D Mug

Let your customers have fun with their coffee with this 3D coffee mug. The novelty of the product will surely add a touch of character to their hot Americano or a frothy latte. Moreover, it makes the presentation so visually appealing, they would surely end up posting coffee photos on their social media.

custom 3d mug

Coffee Promotional Items- Custom 3D Mugs

After more cool mug designs? Then, be sure to check this blog out:

4. Kitchen Timer in the Shape of a Coffee Pot

Customers will surely appreciate these cooking timers in the shape of a coffee pot. These colorful timers can are perfect for cooking, baking, and brewing coffee. Brands can have the body printed with a logo or brand name and offer them as an on-pack promotion gift, or a gift with purchase of their coffee. If you like this promotional kitchen timer, then quote product code ODM-2710 when contacting our team.

Coffee Promotional Items- Promotional Kitchen Timers

Coffee Promotional Items- Promotional Kitchen Timers

5. Cup Sleeves

Whoever invented coffee sleeves is a genius! Coffee sleeves can be made in a variety of heat-resistant materials such as neoprene and recycled paper. Cork is also a great choice of material as it is durable, water-resistant, and heat-resistant. Reusable ones are a better option because they can prolong your branding. the below blog shows many different styles of promotional coffee sleeves:

6. Spoon Rest

Usually, we rest our spoon on the saucer after stirring our coffee. But with this spoon rest, coffee drinkers need not worry where to rest their spoon. This does two things: keep the spoons clean and prevent staining on tables.

7. Coffee Spoons

This item is great for coffee shops or those who really love making coffee. Because they are high-utility, customers are going to use them on a regular basis. When given to clients as a set, the value increases because it is perceived as a “gift” rather than just a freebie or a giveaway. There is also a lot of choices when it comes to customization. Your logo or brand name can be laser-etched or embossed on the metal handle.

8. Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder is a 2-in-1 product. The top part serves as a coffee grinder while the bottom half works as a cup. Portable and battery-operated, it allows coffee lovers to grind their own coffee anywhere they go- be it in the hotel, workplace, or even outdoors. As coffee grinders are considered a high-end, it would be ideal for purchase with purchase promotions, where customers will get this item at a discounted price. Big companies may want to offer them as redemption giveaways or online contest gifts.

If you are interested in this coffee promotional item, then send us an email and quote product code ODM-2037.

Coffee Promotional Items- Coffee Grinder

Coffee Promotional Items- Coffee Grinder

9. Milk Frother

We spotted this on-pack promotion at a Chinese supermarket in Zhuhai. Nescafe impressed us with a very useful and unique gift: a milk frother and a mug. This would certainly pique the interest of Cappuccino and Latte lovers.

10. Custom Ice Moulds

Add fun to your iced coffee recipe with ice cubes in funny shapes! What you need are coffee, milk, cold water, and ice moulds in unique shapes. Not only will the ice cubes enhance the taste, but they will also immensely improve the aesthetic appeal of the drink, making it Insta-worthy.

If you like the guitar-shaped ice mould, contact our team and quote product code ODM-2955. If you are keen to customize your silicone ice moulds, check this blog out to see more quirky and funny designs. This is also perfect for promoting cold beverages and alcoholic drinks.

11. Silicone USB Cup Warmer

What makes these mug warmer different from the first mug warmer is that it is made from silicone and comes with a pocket charger to recharge the warmer with ease. If you like this idea, contact our team with product code ODM-1391.

Coffee Promotional Item-Creative Promo Idea Silicone USB Cup Warmer

Coffee Promotional Item-Creative Promo Idea Silicone USB Cup Warmer

12. Bamboo Tumbler

Looking for a fashionable yet eco-friendly tumbler? This Bamboo Tumbler is definitely a product you cannot miss out on. It is an insulated tumbler that allows for hot beverages like your daily coffee mix to stay hot for longer. If you are interested in this sleek design idea, contact our team with product code ODM-2588.

Branded Eco Friendly Bamboo Tumbler

Branded Eco-Friendly Products- Bamboo Tumbler

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day falls on 1 October yearly and it is a day to bring coffee lovers in a global celebration to share their love of coffee. Here are some products that would be perfect as a gift and for your employees and customers. What better way to enjoy International Coffee Day than with tumblers, cup warmers, coffee grinders, and many other products that keep your coffee at its optimal temperature and condition?

International Coffee Day Promotional Ideas

Contact ODM

Coffee is an integral part of our personal life and a major contributor to the economy of a country. One way to keep the coffee industry alive and thriving is to engage customers. And one way to do that is by offering coffee promotional items.

If you are in the coffee industry and would want to take your marketing to the next level, then get in touch with ODM. We can help you design and source high-quality custom promotional merchandise and giveaways for business.

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