This promotional cooler is a strategy that is sure to up your bar promotions and keep your customers talking. Made from wood and fashioned in the shape of a barrel, this cooler is absolutely eco-friendly, useful, and aesthetically pleasing.

In the saturated market of alcoholic beverages, having exceptional marketing to stand out from competitors is crucial. And this promotional cooler in the shape of an oak barrel achieves it brilliantly.

This barrel cooler features Bulleit logo, a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Fellow brands in the drinks industry can definitely take some marketing tips and tricks from Bulleit eye-catching promotional cooler. It comes with a wooden stand to keep it from rolling and spilling its contents. The outer part is wood, while the inner is made from a sturdy plastic material so that the liquid is not absorbed by the wood. It definitely is one effective drinks promotional products!

Promotional coolers keep your beverages fresh and ice cold all day while also marketing your brand to customers. In this blog, we discuss why promotional coolers create great branding opportunities. Have amazing all year round drinks marketing in bar promotions with this marketing strategy.

promotional cooler

promotional cooler

Why Use A Promotional Cooler?

promotional cooler

Promotional Cooler

Keep Your Drinks Fresh

promotional cooler

promotional cooler

Drinks fresh and ready for customers! Coolers present your drinks ready for customers to grab and consume. In addition, you will be able to put your drinks and your brand on display for customers and potential customers. Having your beverages displayed as promotions also saves manpower, bartenders, and waitresses serving drinks.


Whether you are having an outdoor summer drinks promotion or promoting new drinks in an air-conditioned bar, you need something to keep drinks cool. This is also ideal for trade shows where you need to really make a good first impression. The barrel shaped coolers not only directs customers’ attention to your booth, but it also add a unique appeal to your whole visual merchandising.

Promoting Your Business Image

promotional cooler

promotional cooler

A great quality promotion is something customers will always appreciate! Especially when it is a promotion that enhances the experience for your customers. Moreover, it is a promotion that will impress your high-end customers! A high-end promotion also reflects on the quality of your brand and beverages. Visuals play a large role in influencing customer’s purchase decisions, which will boost sales and encourage brand loyalty.

Visual Merchandising

promotional cooler

promotional cooler

Visual merchandising is important! For example, Bundaberg’s barrel-shaped promotional cooler is a way to show how their product is made. Bundaberg rum is double distilled and matured in an American white oak barrel for about 2 years. Customising your promotional cooler like Bundaberg is one clever way to tell your brand story.


promotional cooler

promotional cooler

A customised promotional cooler is sure to turn heads in a crowded bar or event. It is the kind of product that will instantly draw attention and engage the minds of customers. Not only do they they pique the interest of customers, but they also encourage word of mouth, and influence purchasing decisions, ultimately boosting sales and brand awareness. This is one of the drinks promotions that stay relevant and one that you can customise according to your branding needs.

How Can I Customize it for my own brand?

Customise it for your brand! It can be designed to tell a story like Bulleit’s aging of its whiskey or match it to your brand colours. A promotional cooler can be sold as an extension to your brand or as drinks promotional display in bars or at events. It can also be used as a branded promotional gift or as a gift with purchase, hence creating a sense of exclusivity and incentivizing shoppers. There are endless ways to use promotional coolers as part of your marketing strategy!

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