Stress Balls with logos: Less Stress, More Success

I’m sure that we’ve all had days where we felt like nothing was going our way. At ODM, we feel that investing in scented stress balls helps to reduce stress tremendously. For such a small and simple object, it provides many health benefits that go beyond the confines of just de-stressing. Surprisingly, stress balls with logo make great advertising tool.

Stress balls with logos

Benefits of scented stress balls with logos:

  • Improves nervous system. There are many nerves in our hands and wrists that are connected to our brain, which is why exercising pressure on a stress ball, helps to strengthen the nerves and muscles used. This, in turn, improves your nervous system functions and reduces any stress hormones, thus, reducing stress.
  • Used as a distraction. Whenever we’ve had to work long hours, we felt that using a stress ball every 5 minutes per hour actually helped tremendously productivity-wise. As it aids in concentrating, relaxing, and relieving any stress you’ve had throughout your day.
  • Accelerate recovery from injuries. Scented stress balls can also help prevent and accelerate your recovery from everyday injuries, which can result from daily activities that require you to use your hand a lot. Using this engaging tool can also improve the flexibility of the muscles in your hands and improve blood circulation.
  • Reduced stress. Aromatherapy stress balls have been scientifically proven to help in calming the nervous system and lowering blood pressure. This helps to ensure that you remain relaxed even during work.
  • Improves brand visibility. Stress balls with logos will help improve your brand visibility as consumers will see and recognize your brand logo whenever they use the scented stress ball with logos. Gradually, consumers or businesses will remember what your business is, what type of products you specialize in, and what benefits you can offer to them.
Stress balls with logos

How can scented stress balls with logo help your business?

This would serve great as a gift with purchase item as it appeals to customers of all ages. People of all ages will face stress, no matter how severe it is. The best part about this is that if customers are satisfied with the scented stress ball, your business will no doubt leave a lasting impression on them. If it does not, no harm is done as customers will still recognize the fact that your business attempted to help improve their well-being by offering promotional stress relievers.

As previously mentioned, selling stress balls with logos will also help to increase your business exposure. In addition, stress balls with logos will help consumers distinguish your business from your competition by being

Types of scents and materials:

Eucalyptus, Mint, Apple, Lemon, Osmanthus, Orange, and many more to choose from! They are made from Lycra fabric filled with TPR gel. Typically, size 5.5 and 6.0cm stress balls are popular in the market.

Stress balls with logos

How can ODM help your business?

At ODM, we specialize in manufacturing custom Promotional Products. We have over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry and have worked with major clients such as Coca Cola, Sapporo, BBC, and Konami. Do feel free to contact us and quote product number ODM-3075 if you are interested in one of our products or services.

Additionally, we have a sister company, Mindsparkz, that specializes in all things design. We offer web, graphic, and product design, as well as product brainstorming sessions and a retainer program. Let’s de-stress and succeed together!

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Frequently asked questions:

What is gift-with purchase?

It is an item that is complementary to the product a business is selling. They are cheap and work well with the product being sold.

What is a scented stress ball?

A scented stress ball is a malleable toy, usually not more than 7 cm in diameter, which is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers.

How does gift with purchase boost sales?

Studies show that positive emotions toward a brand or seller have a great influence on decisions to buy and consumer loyalty. Creating a reward system triggers an emotional response in the buyer.

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