Everyone gets frustrated from time to time, especially at work! It would be handy to have a soft, squeezable toy on hand to relive some office stress. Stress relievers, or stress balls, are just that! Read this article to find out why you should invest in promotional stress relievers for your advertising campaign.

Promotional Stress Relievers

Promotional Stress Relievers

Benefits of Promotional Stress Relievers

These small toys are great for relieving a bit of tension. There are many reasons why you would want to use them in your advertising campaign.

  • Custom shape. Because all stress balls are essentially the same thing, they can easily be made into different shapes. This image shows a stress toy in the shape of a truck which would be great for freight custom promos! Previous designs include a water bottle figure to stand out as a unique marketing gift idea.
  • Custom design. Whatever shape you choose, any design can be printed onto it. This makes stress relievers great for branded promotions! Just stick on your corporate logo and they would make a great corporate gift, gift with purchase or even as freebie as an in-pack promotions since they are so small.
  • Practical. As mentioned earlier, anyone could use a soft toy to squeeze the heck out of. Therefore, these are practical items that can be used by anyone! They can show that the company cares about its customers by offering a fun way to release some stress.
  • Large target audience. Due to its practicality, you can target these to anyone. Check out these colour promo gift idea changing stress balls as an example of a promo gift idea. This would make a simple, but effective marketing campaign to attract customers and boost sales.
Promotional Stress Relievers

Promotional Stress Relievers

All in all, these promotional stress relievers are the way to go. Check out these customisable stress toys for corporate gifts. You can even go one step further and make scented stress balls!

Or if you like, you can put together a corporate giveaway set for freight industries. Include in the set other freight merchandise such as branded shipping container storage box. You may also want to check out these freight industry promos such as:

Custom key chain stress reliever in the shape of a ship.

Or this USB flash drive in the shape of a shipping container:


If you have an idea, contact us for design, sourcing and manufacturing of your very on promotional stress relievers! Our design team can conjure up a design if you need their help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Keen to customize this product for your next campaign? If so, quote product code 2358 to learn more about this product.

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