Promotional stress toys are a brilliant example of a timeless promotional product. Whatever industry your brand belongs to PU toys are a superb product, and an excellent way to utilise your 2016 marketing budget.

promotional stress toys

Promotional Stress Toys: Back your Brand

The major reason why stress toys are a great promotional product is due to their complete customisability:

  1. Shapes and sizes. Moulds can be created and adapted to meet your brands needs and wants.
  2. Prints. There are numerous ways to print on pu toys; screen printing, hand painting or sticker imprinting to name a few. This is a superb advantage and can ensure that your brand gets noticed the right way.
  3. Colours. Brand themes are crucial. PU toys enable an assurance that your pantone colours can be matched perfectly.

Benefits of using promotional stress toys

There are countless benefits of using promotional stress toys, here are a few:

  • Get Recognised. This is a brilliant way to get your brand out there and further brand recognition.
  • Inspire conversation. If integrating your brands logo or mantra this can be a great way to generate some postive word of mouth, and increase brand awareness.
Promotional Stress Toys

Promotional Stress Toys: Back your Brand

Overall, the benefits of using promotional toys are endless. They are a timeless promotional product that can significantly help give the boost your brand deserves.

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Here are three stress toy case studies that may spark some interest: