Pasta pasta pasta. Who doesn’t love pasta? Easy to cook and enjoyed by people of all ages, it raises the question: What can businesses do to stand out in such a competitive market? Today, we introduce to you a genius marketing strategy by San Remo, with their unique custom designed plates!

“On pack promotions” is a distinctive way of catching the attention of customers. Paired with “gift with purchase”, also known as the freebies we enjoy, it is an effective way of enticing customers to make purchases. San Remo has managed to perfectly execute this strategy with their latest promotion campaign, “Design Your Own Pasta Hair”.

About the Custom Designed Plates Used By San Remo

With every purchase of a San Remo Pasta Gift Pack, you will be able to get an in pack gift of a limited edition custom designed plate. Totally at 4 designs, these visually appealing plates use pastel colours as the base and are printed with cartoon faces of a family- Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister. However, there’s a catch. The family does not have any hair! You will have to use your imagination and creativity to design their hair with the pasta you bought!

Why these Custom Designed Plates is a Successful Strategy

On pack promotion

This eye-catching on pack promotion clearly advertises the in-pack gift with the brightly coloured word “FREE” and included pictures of the plates. They also stated the custom designed plates are also safe to use, as shown by their words “Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher Safe” and “BPA-free”, assuring customers of its safety.

Good Product Choice

San Remo made a good decision in selecting plates to be given as the gift. It is practical and pairs well with the spaghetti product as it can be used by customers immediately upon returning home. Additionally, the safety certification will dispel worries from parents concerned about giving the plates to their children to use. Thus, customers will feel encouraged to buy more, thereby increasing sales.

Innovative Design

The pastel colour base of the plates is universally appealing, especially for families who have a large age range from young children to teenage youths and adults. Furthermore, using pasta to create the character’s hair on the custom designed plates is a brilliant way to make mealtimes fun, and who doesn’t want to happily enjoy dinner laughing with their loved ones?

Moreover, there is a design for every member of the family. As the design you have chosen is unknown until after the purchase is made, customers will want to buy until they collect the full set of plates for their family, ensuring that no one is left out.

Our Key Takeaways

All in all, while gifts with purchases is a common marketing strategy, creating a gift that will appeal to your target audience is important as well. In this day and age, practicality is valued. Thinking out of the box to find ways to hook your customers’ attention will definitely give you a competitive edge over other businesses. With such a promising outlook, surely it’s a business idea worth considering!

How can ODM help?

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Find out how other brands used custom printed plates as their in pack gift as well!

Who said plates only had to be round? You can use different themes and shapes!

Here is another awesome idea by L’Oreal for their in-pack gift. Customized with their logo, the towel is a handy representation of the brand, reminding their customers of them every time they use it.

We absolutely loved this promotion by Black Hound where they offered two custom promotional glasses with every purchase!

Not only plates, there are other types of suitable cutlery you can consider as a gift to go with pasta, such as this interesting twist spaghetti forks!

Does it not cost more to manufacture custom designed plates and give them away for free?

It may cost more, but the increased sales will be able to make up for it. It is also a good way to increase brand awareness.

How do I make sure that the custom designed plates are safe for use?

Make sure you check with the suppliers for safety testing and certifications.

What are common materials used to make custom designed plates as gifts?

Plastic is common due to it's light weight, affordability and sturdiness. With a higher budget, earthenware such as ceramic is also a popular material used.