For all pasta lovers out there, you would probably not be a stranger of Prego. Prego is the trade marked brand name pasta sauce of Campbell Soup Company. They specialize in ready made pasta sauce with a wide variety of flavors. Prego is currently offering a promotional giveaway which consists of a limited edition ceramic plate. As a producer of pasta sauces and products, this promo is complementary to the business. This promotional giveaway is available at all NTUC Fairprice outlets in Singapore, get it while stock lasts!

Promotional giveaway: Prego plates

Promotional giveaway: Prego plates

Plates make really good promotional giveaway especially for companies in the F&B industry. Few material options include: Plastic, Ceramic or Melamine. This promotional giveaway comes in Prego’s signature color design.

Why a plate as a promotional giveaway?

Offering a plate is a great promotional giveaway because your customers will be reminded of you every single time they use it! Especially since eating is such a staple, you can greatly increase brand recall. Furthermore, the design of the plate is greatly representative of the brand Prego. So every time your customers use your plate for pasta, or anything else, they will be reminded of your brand.

Offering a plate as a promotional giveaway is also beneficial because it boosts a large amount of space to brand your message and logo. This increases the visibility regardless of the number of people using it or passing by it in the super market. Another passive benefit is that it will encourage your customers to cook more Italian food. This will increase the demand for Italian ingredients and ultimately, the Prego sauce, or the product your company is offering.

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