Promotional chopping block

Dunnes Stores in Ireland has a great promotion right now.  Pasta sauce brand Dolmio are offering a free gift with purchase consisting of tempered glass chopping board with every purchase of 3 Dolmio products.

The chopping board allows for ease of chopping vegetables and cheese, is heat resistant and easy to clean. These features provide great utility for target customers of Dolmio, allowing them to prepare classic italian dishes at home with ease.

The product also gives the advantage of advertising for Dolmio as it’s logo is also printed onto the tempered glass, allowing consumers who may often use this promotional chopping board to be reminded of their brand and subsequently become the top product of choice when out shopping for groceries. Another more subtle advantage of this promotional product is that it encourages consumers to cook more Italian cuisine at home using the chopping board, thus encouraging the Irish consumers to potentially purchase more Italian food ingredients and as a result, purchase more Dolmio products indirectly.