Mannings Hong Kong are running another gift with purchase making a connection between its retail product and promo.   At the same time, it is portraying an image that the brand is not only sales oriented, but it is consistently sparing a thought for its customers and providing value and utility..

GWP promo bowl

Mannings paired up this promotional bowl along with Brand’s, a popular Brand’s bird nest or chicken essence product sold in the pharmacy.

Value of purchase is $150 for redemption.  this means that the brand can spare some budget to make a meaningful and valuable GWP to pull in more sales.

With this promotional bowl, consumers could drink Brand’s bird nest or chicken essence with ease.

The bowl could even be used for drinking and intake of daily nutrients and vitamins with its stand out quote stating, “Happiness is when health is given to you“. This quote not only matches Brand’s image of health and wellness but it is also able to act as a reminder to consumers everyday that health is wealth. By doing so, the brand is able to secure a special place in consumers’ hearts.  Taking care of customers like this would further give them reasons to choose your brand over the others.

Promotional Gift on Shelves

Mannings understand that consumers love exclusivity, thus restricting the promotional bowl to be only available in Mannings itself and limiting its stock. A very clever marketing strategy which is cost effective.