5 Reasons Why Wheat Makes Great Custom Food Containers

Wheat Fiber Containers

Custom food containers are perfect promotional gift ideas. This is especially so for companies who are in the FMCG Food industry. Promotional gifts are great to encourage new customers to try out your product. It is also good for encouraging customers to try out a new flavor, or any other kind of brand extension for your product. Some customers are not as comfortable with trying new things, therefore promotional gifts really help with incentivising purchase.

What are Wheat Fibers?

Wheat fibers are a type of eco-friendly material that has recently been marketed as an alternative to plastic products. These fibers are a by-product of wheat production, therefore it does not involve harmful chemicals. Wheat straws are also otherwise known as ‘Hay”.

Moreover, Wheat Fibers are also food grade materials and BPA free.  Which makes it much more appealing for manufacturers to use them to make custom food containers.

Today, we will be assessing 5 reasons why wheat makes great custom food containers.

1. Eco-friendly

Firstly, these food containers wouldn’t have so much value as compared to other food containers if it is not for the material. We encourage all of our clients to opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable products. This is not just because its great for the environment but also because its great for your brand image. Companies who are dedicated to a social cause show higher chances of adopting a loyal following.

Custom Food Containers

2. Wheat, best alternative for plastic

Secondly, these wheat fiber containers are also very lightweight and durable. It is typically made from wheat rice, hemp, flax and sugar cane.  This makes it much more heat resistant. It is microwave and freezer friendly.

Custom Food Containers

3. Easy to customize

Wheat fibers perform very similar to plastic. The fibers can be easily manipulated by manufacturers and can be molded into various shapes. Therefore, we are not limited in how the product design should look like, and explains why there is potential to create other product lines.

Custom Food Containers

4. Heat Resistent, Great for Custom Food Containers

Another reason why wheat is perfect for food containers is because of its heat resistant characteristics. Above all, wheat products can hold water that is up to 200 degrees farenheit / 93 degrees celsius. It can be microwaved and frozen. Therefore, it is a great material for food containers, since it can withstand extreme temperatures.

5. Non-allergenic

Plastics are a common cause of occupational skin disorders through irritation or allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). Wheat serves as a great alternative to plastic, since it does not contain allergens. Therefore, this is an important feature when manufacturing custom food containers, because you would definitely not want to harm anyone that’s consuming straight from the container


In conclusion, we are confident that wheat would make a great alternative for plastic products. Therefore, since plastic is highly used for food packaging, it serves as a potential solution to reducing carbon footprints and plastic pollution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wheat fibres made of?

Wheat fibres are made out of wheat straw - which is the leftover once the wheat is harvested.

Why is wheat a good alternative to plastic?

Wheat is bio-degradable and can also be a food grade material. This is a stark contrast to plastic, which can contain several harmful chemicals and hard to decompose.

How does wheat straws maintain its structure?

Wheat straws productes lignin. When mixed with sugar, this combination can mimick the versatility of plastic - or otherwise known as bioplastic.

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