Market your brand this Mid-Autum Festival: Custom Lantern

In the spirit of injecting some brightness and cheer into this challenging year, Nine Fresh has come up with this gift with purchase idea for this Mid-Autum season. They are offering a complimentary custom lantern set of 2, for every $6 spent on their products.

Custom Lantern

Custom Lantern

Why do we carry lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Lanterns, similar to mooncakes, have been associated with the festival since the Tang Dynasty. Traditionally, it symbolizes fertility, which is appropriate for a harvest festival. The use of lanterns, however, does also serve a practical purpose by lighting the way for family and friends that stay up to appreciate the full moon.

Why Do We Think that Nine Fresh’s Custom Lantern Promotion is a Great Idea?

Design Appeal

  • It is safe to say that the design of the promotional lantern is aesthetically pleasing due to the use of pastel colours. By having a visually appealing design would persuade the customer to purchase more in order to receive this custom lantern. In addition, the customization of having the logo on the lantern is also important.

Brand Awareness

  • Nine Fresh places their iconic logo on the custom lantern. As a fan of their desserts, you would definitely recognize their logo, making these lanterns great for promotion and brand exposure.

Stimulate sales

  • Custom lantern is a great way to increase brand awareness and stimulate sales. Since, the lantern will be customarily used outside, in common areas such as playgrounds, the custom lantern gives the brand more exposure when being used, thus boosting customer retention.

Our Takeaways

Nine Fresh’s marketing campaign is definitely well thought out and appropriate for the season. Offering a gift with purchase is a very useful way to boost retail sales for your brand and encourage your customers to buy more. Furthermore, you can consider similar promotions applicable to other holidays such as Chinese New Year, Christmas etc. to attract more shoppers to your brand.

How can ODM help?

Inspired to roll out promotional gifts with your next marketing campaign? Do not hesitate to contact us here at the ODM Group. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry and our team can advise you on interesting promotional ideas. We also specialise in manufacturing and designing products for gift with purchase, on-pack promotions, and many more.

Additionally, if you are seeking design services, we also have an in-house agency called Mindsparkz. We offer product brainstorming sessions that will help come up with promotional ideas tailored to your brand, and ideal for your customers. We also offer retainer programs at a budget-friendly rate.

Look no further, and allow us to ensure you with high-quality branded promotional merchandise. We also offer services in between such as Factory Selection and Auditing, and Quality Control.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mid-Autum Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese festival that celebrates the end of the autumn harvest with family gatherings, lanterns and mooncakes

What are lanterns made of?

The traditional lanterns with wax candles are made from paper and shaped into everything from cars to cartoon characters. However there are also plastic, battery-operated versions.

When is Mid-Autum Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October.

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