History and Significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival…

There is a national holiday in China from Friday 13th to Sunday the 15th September called the Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is the second grandest one in China after Chinese New Year. The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the autumnal equinox when the Moon is at its fullest.

Mid-Autumn Festival - Upcoming Holidays

The festival is an inherited custom of moon sacrificial ceremonies. In the past, the Chinese believed that the moon’s movement was closely linked to agricultural production and changes in seasons. Therefore, during autumn, they offered sacrifices to thank the moon.

The festival is always commemorated in the middle of autumn, hence the name. To celebrate, many people eat Mooncake.

Mid-Autumn Festival - Upcoming Holidays

Mid-Autumn Festival – Upcoming Holidays

Mooncakes are deemed as the special food of the festival and are available in many different flavors. As they are round, they symbolize the reunion of families. Many people give mooncakes to their friends and families as gifts to wish them a happy and long life.

How can a Festival Promotion Help Your Business?

Festivals are a joyous occasion that bring many people together. People are always interested in buying themed products that will help them get in the spirit of the event. This marketing method is a great way to promote your brand and attract more people. Leveraging on the festivities to gain brand visibility can help to boost sales. Here is an example from Ten Ren Tea.

For its festival product promotions, the company used mooncake inspired packaging, in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This packaging makes their products feel more special and limited. The traditional Chinese colours, red and gold, are very stylish and in the theme of the festival. This will draw in even more customers.

Check out another great example from Oreo!  The company designed a unique mooncake inspired packaging for their products. We really like the box which is commemorative to the festival with the golden moon. It is well designed so that people may keep the box after they have finished the mooncakes, bringing even more brand awareness.

We hope that the examples above have provided you with some interesting ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Finally, as these days are a National holiday, production will stop completely. Therefore, do ensure that you take this into account when planning your projects. Ensure that you have sufficient time to liaise with all production, offices and suppliers in China.

Please also note that our Hong Kong and Zhuhai Promotional Products offices will be closed on the 13th September. We hope you enjoy Autumn Festival!