Simple yet practical and customizable, branded food containers are among the best promotional products there is. They are ideal marketing gift for cereal, cookies, milk, as well as kiddie brands. One of the companies that had previous success with using food containers is Vietnam-based AFC Crackers.

Branded Food Containers

Branded Food Containers

AFC’s branded food containers come in three color variants – yellow, pink, and blue. They are made from a durable kind of plastic so they are reusable. Each of this containers is taped to the cardboard box, which may be a practical and cost-effective way of presenting their on-pack gift.

Food containers as on pack gift or gift with purchase can be an effective way to boost sales and reinforce customer loyalty. Here’s why.

Why AFC’s Branded Food Containers Are Effective

  • Goes Well With the Product Being Sold: Crackers lose its crunchiness when left out for long. That is why most people keep them in an airtight container to keep them in good condition. Offering a food container that can be used to store biscuits is a good idea. People will be willing to buy the crackers because it comes with a free item that they can use at home.


  • Practical: Aside from crackers, customers can use these containers to store nuts, candies, and baked goodies. People who love to bring food at work or school may find these products handy. Food containers are also ideal for outdoor events, camping, and outings. They make food storage convenient and safe. These could start meaningful conversations about the brand and ultimately, conversions.


  • Showcases Brand Name: The containers are all branded so anyone using them will always associate the brand with handy on pack premiums. Practical branded merchandise are more effective in promoting your brand. This is because they will definitely have a use for your products, thereby ensuring everyday advertising exposure at no additional cost.


  • Cost Effective: What we like about custom plastic containers, branded lunch boxes, and food keepers is that they are fairly inexpensive to produce. As such, your company is able to send your message to many people while also providing customers with a reusable gift that they can use long-term.


  • Reusable and Encourages Healthy Eating: Aside from being reusable, these gwp food containers encourage people to pack their own food. This does two things: one encourages people to eat healthy and two, minimizes unnecessary waste (plastic packaging).


What Can Be Improved?

We notices that the products are stacked neatly on a pallet display. However, we also noticed that they are sharing shelf space with other products. While doing so may prove cost-effective and space-saving, it is dividing customers’ attention. As customers are presented with more options, they find it more difficult to make a decision.

What to do instead? Have a POS display dedicated to a single product or brand. This will increase the chances of conversion. Moreover, you can customize the POS according to your branding needs.

Branded Food Containers

Branded Food Containers

But we like the fact that their display was positioned along the aisle so customers will notice them straight away.

If you’re thinking of using branded food containers for your own campaign, we suggest use more eco-friendly materials to boost your image. Glass is a better choice of material than plastic. This is because it is reusable, is easy to clean, and looks high-end.


Need Help with Your Marketing Campaign?

So, if you like to custom design your very own branded food containers, do not hesitate to contact The ODM Group. Our team of merchandisers and product designers will be able to help you from designing, to sourcing, and finally through sampling and production. Contact our team today!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using branded food containers in promoting your business, then check these blogs out.


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