Darlie and Oral B are offering free custom printed plates as a gift with puchase of their products. Promoting toothpaste brands with branded plates is such a unique way to capture the attention of customers.

Normally, we would receive something that could be used together with toothpaste such as toothbrush, mug, or small drinking cup. However, Darlie and Oral-B surprised shoppers with colorful custom printed plates. The novelty makes the promotions intriguing and engaging. Here are the products on offer:

  • Buy 2 boxes of Darlie Lime toothpaste and get a Sailor Moon ceramic plate.
Custom Printed Plates

Custom Printed Plates


  • Purchase 2 (250g) Darlie toothpaste to obtain a Chibi Maruko Chan custom printed ceramic plate.
Custom Printed Plates

Custom Printed Plates


Custom Printed Plates

Custom Printed Plates



Why is this So Effective?

Cool Designs

The characters printed on the plates are all very popular and this adds immense value to the gifts. Collectors and kids, especially, will surely be drawn to the product because they know they are getting a free item with their favorite characters on them.

Sailor Moon will give customers major nostalgia. In addition, this is a great way to reintroduce popular characters to the kids of today.

Custom Printed Plates

Custom Printed Plates


Chibi Maruko Chan is a beloved Japanese manga and anime character. The character was conceived in the 70’s but many can still relate to her even today. Maruko Chan products prove that her popularity transcends generations.

Custom Printed Plates

Custom Printed Plates


On the other hand, we have Pokemon-inspired plates for Oral B. Vibrant and fun to look at, the cute pocket monsters will surely attract kids right away.


Top of Mind Awareness

Plates are an everyday item that we use for serving food, snacks, and appetizers for drinks. Using the custom ceramic plates creates a positive brand association and top of mind awareness for the brands. Shoppers are likely to connect the brand with cute gifts in the long run when they constantly receive on-pack items. Co-branding also gives Oral B and Darlie an opportunity to connect with their target market on a more personal level.

This is not the first time Darlie has collaborated with a popular brand. In the past, they teamed up with Sanrio and Rilakkuma for a very cute branded promotional bowl.


Increased Sales

On pack and in-pack gifts serve as a great incentive for customers. By offering something extra, customers are encouraged to spend a bit more to fulfill the conditions to get the free item. On top of that, the custom printed plates are products that anyone will certainly love to keep.


Stronger Brand Impression

The more the plates are used, the greater the brand impressions they create. Asians are known to be very hospitable people. They love sharing food with families and guests no matter the occasion. Therefore, serving food using these promotional plates indirectly advertises the brands to anyone who uses them.


Our Key Takeaways

Oral B and Darlie have made a great choice of using custom printed plates as their promotional giveaway. Not only are licensed products beautifully designed, but they are also practical and very fun to collect. Through co-branding, Darlie and Oral B enjoyed a tremendous following and an increase in sales. Brand licensing is an easy way to market to new customers and add instantaneous value to your brand.


How Can ODM Help?

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