Colgate is now offering custom plates designed with B.Duck printing as in store marketing! Simply spend HKD$38.90 on two tubes of Colgate toothpaste and you are entitled to this dainty custom plates. Hurry down to any Mannings store in Hong Kong and grab this on pack promo before it runs out of stock!

Custom Plates As In Store Marketing By Colgate!

Custom Plates As In Store Marketing By Colgate!

Colgate has been actively offering promotional products as on pack promos for their consumers to boost sales. Check out some of these promotions done by Colgate previously!

In Store Marketing to Boost Sales

In store marketing would help Colgate to boost sales by attracting people to take a closer look at their products sold. With such eye-catching promotion being offered in the Mannings store, consumers would definitely be able to notice it. These promotional gifts would act as an incentive to entice consumers into purchasing your product. The on pack gifts may even encourage consumers to purchase Colgate toothpaste instead of other brands, in order to be entitled to the custom plates.

Offering Attractive Gift Items

Colgate has collaborated with B.Duck in this promotion by giving out B.Duck branded plates. Majority of the people would have heard of the brand, B.Duck, since it is quite popular in Hong Kong. They would definitely be tempted to get these B.Duck plates.

Also, Colgate normally offers gifts that are related to the products they sell. What comes to your mind when you think of Colgate? Of course it’s the mouth. If you have noticed, Colgate often offers mugs, tumblers, plates, bowls and etc. as promotional gifts to their consumers. Offering related gifts would be able to entice your consumers further into purchasing your products.


Branding is vital in helping your company to increase brand awareness. When people use these plates to serve meals to their family and even friends, other people would be able to notice the brand name on it. Brand loyalty and recall may even be built in the long run. This would help boost sales to an even greater height. Wait no more and get your very own promotional products to offer your customers. Remember to brand your logo on these items before you give them out!