Today, technology is the fastest growing industry with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Look at the transformation of telephones, from the old school style to the latest touch screen hand phones. All these will not exist if not for the rapid development in technology. Besides that, there are so many ways to store external data. Gone are the days where people are only use thumb drives to make information more portable. Nowadays, people are using a credit card USB key that is even more portable then before.These credit card USB key are not only great for storing data, they make great promotional products as well. For instance, Renault is currently giving away a credit card USB key to celebrate Gordini’s anniversary in France! It is a brilliant marketing giveaway that provides endless advertising and marketing opportunities!

credit card USB key- marketing giveaway

Credit card USB key- marketing giveaway


Slim, light and convenient marketing giveaway!

A credit card shape USB key is a great marketing gift as it is easy to keep and convenient to bring around. Its slim cutting allows it to be easily slot into our wallets. It wouldn’t add on much weight as it weighs like any typical credit card that we own. Besides that, by keeping it in your wallet it reduces the chances of you losing it. Thus it definitely helps those who tend to be a little more careless or forgetful than others.

Renault's USB key marketing giveaway!

Renault’s USB key marketing giveaway!

These credit card USB keys are brilliant for marketing as it provides a large surface area for branding. For instance the credit card above has been imprinted with a blue car that reminds customers of Gordini. As such, it will definitely improve brand recognition and brand recall. Furthermore, these USB keys are free advertising agents. When given away as a free marketing gift, these USB keys continue to advertise and market Gordini even long after the customers have received it.