This unique custom organizer box from Times Square Hong Kong is not your ordinary promotional gift. Not only is it multifunctional, but it is also an excellent redemption giveaway for special holiday celebration.

Custom Organizer Box

Custom Organizer Box

For their Valentine’s Day promotion, Times Square offered “Baak Nin Hou Hap” box as a redemption gift for HK $ 1,000 or above worth of purchases.

“Baak Nin Hou Haap” means “conjugal felicity” which really suits their current promotion. In essence, the company is wishing couples to have a long-lasting and happy love life. The designs are appealing, a great way to convince customers to spend more and redeem the gift.

By offering customers something in return, redemption rewards effectively boosts sales and improves brand reputation. Here’s why we find this interesting.


What We Like About this Custom Organizer Box

  • Customizable and Unique Designs: The organizer boxes come with different sticker designs for customers to put on the boxes. There were pineapples, birds, and flowers. Being customizable makes these boxes really fun to use, thus increasing brand engagement.


  • Multifunctional: Customers can use this to keep their jewelries, keys, and little trinkets at home. The compartments make it easy to organize things. These vibrant organizers can be displayed in bedroom, living room, and office. As such, the functionality of the customer giveaway makes customers feel it’s worth their money.
Custom Organizer Box

Custom Organizer Box


  • Cost Effective: Desk organizers make effective marketing tools because they are mostly cost-effective. Materials can range from wood, silicone, acrylic, and plastic. Fairly easy to customize, such items are deemed flexible. Thus, it’s a great way to incentivize customers whilst keeping their marketing budget at a minimum.


  • Bumps Up Sales: Offering redemption gifts, gifts with purchase, and other freebies can push your sales up. This is because free items are often given when customers purchased a certain amount. As such, shoppers are more willing to participate in the promotion in order to get free items in their cart.


Suggestions to Improve Your Custom Organizer Box Promotion

Times Square’s organizers are simple yet practical and functional. But if you want to make your redemption gifts remarkable, consider adding convenient features. USB ports and power banks would be excellent addition to your promotional organizers. You can market them as corporate gifts for clients and employees.


Here’s another desktop organizer idea. It’s great for organizing office and school items so desks remain clutter-free!


Our Takeaways…

Times Square Hong Kong’s custom organizer box is definitely something that is worth checking out. It helped the company boost sales and send their warm wishes to their customers. Taking advantage of the holiday season will also help you gain more attention. This is because people are more inclined to make a purchase especially if that item in demand during that season.

Are you looking for effective branded promotional merchandise to boost your brand? Would a custom organizer box help you achieve your marketing goals? Speak with our team today. Here, at The ODM Group we have an extensive experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of promotional merchandise. We will customize your products according to your branding needs.

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