A promotional silicone rubber desktop organizer is suitable for the office, classroom and even house to store anything from cups to pens and even kitchenware. The organizers themselves are useful for keeping things tidy while successfully promoting a company’s logo. This product would be perfect for a drinks company like Coca Cola or even a stationary companies like BIC.

The thing that makes these promotional desktop organizer unique compared to regular organizer  is the silicone rubber that keeps the product attached to the surface – meaning that there is no clip actually involved.

Promotional Silicone Rubber Clip Cup Holder

Promotional Silicone Rubber Desktop Organizer

How The Silicone Rubber Desktop Organizer Promotes Your Brand:

Branding – Be it on the cup itself or the silicone rubber that attaches the product to the table, it makes getting your logo known and recognised throughout the office or household very easy. Furthermore the part that attaches itself to the table has a rather large surface area, meaning that not only does it offer space for a logo, but quotes and even characters can be placed on there to enrich your brand further.

Exposure – With so many places for there to be branding on this product, it gives your company the perfect chance to maximise brand exposure. Especially in an office where the customer will be sat next to it for long hours most days. Additionally, the people the owner corresponds with, be it family or colleges, will also have some sort of interaction with the product and therefore your company as they will be around it as well.


These promotional silicone rubber desk top organizer would be great for the ODM office, especially the green one. If you are interested in these products or sourcing any other promotional product from china then contact us today for a quote.

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