We see a lot of promotional media at bars, restaurants and pubs. But despite the seemingly tight competition, Heineken knows how to position their ads really well. With their acrylic menu stand, the beer brand was able to promote their products and convey their brand message clearly.

Acrylic Menu Stand by Heineken- Why a Good Marketing Material

This menu stand is simply ordinary. Its minimalist design easily conveys the message of the brand. With its wide base, this sign holder conveniently stands by itself on any plain solid surface.

Heineken’s custom promotional merchandise is made from acrylic, a clear and durable material. It has a slot to insert the printed ads smoothly or change them whenever needed. Furthermore, this stand creates a dual-sided display which increases brand exposure.

Heineken Conveys Brand Message Clearly with Simple Acrylic Menu Stand

Heineken Conveys Brand Message Clearly with Simple Acrylic Menu Stand

Why do we like Heineken’s Acrylic Menu Stand?

  • Promotes the Brand – First of all, this menu stand effectively promotes the flagship products of Heineken. If I were the customer and I don’t know what to order, I’ll immediately notice their product on the acrylic menu stand. This small reminder could go a long way for the brand. It positively reinforces the brands marketing goal. Well, if you would like to check another creative menu stand, check out the link below.
  • Customisable – Heneiken’s acrylic stand’s design is simple and straightforward. Not only is this a good drinks marketing idea, but this is also ideal for restaurants, hotel concierge desks, events, etc. If you’re thinking of using the same technique, it could be a practical investment for your company.
Heineken Conveys Brand Message Clearly with Simple Acrylic Menu Stand

Heineken Conveys Brand Message Clearly with Simple Acrylic Menu Stand

In conclusion, this clear menu stand is really a good marketing material. Its simplicity and ease of use make it as an effective promotional medium. Also, manufacturing such item is fairly inexpensive so it won’t empty your brand’s marketing budget.

If you like this marketing idea, feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. The team can help you create POS displays that drive sales and awareness. They are always ready to answer your queries on marketing and manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where can such stands be used?

These acrylic stands are usually found in restaurants. These stands usually attract customers to purchase more items on the menu. Such stands usually feature special promotional items.

Why should I pick an acrylic menu stand?

An acrylic menu stand allows you to place your promotional menu items on the table away from the menu. This is attractive to customers who may not spend time reading the whole menu. Moreover, acrylic is a durable material and its see through capabilities provide customers with a great dining experience.

Can anything be printed on acrylic materials?

There are a few options that can be used for printing. This vary from silk screen, heat transfer and print by machine.