What brand comes to mind when you see a purple cow display inside the store? We automatically associate it with the chocolate brand Milka, correct? One of our staff members has recently come across their retail marketing display at a Duty-Free shop. The signature purple display is a head-turner!


Milka’s Branding

When someone mentions Milka, what comes to your mind? Is it happiness? Tenderness? Your love for chocolates or the purple cow with a bell around her neck? Well, that’s exactly what Milka wants you to think about their brand.

A brand of chocolate that originated from Switzerland— Milka has been manufactured internationally by the US confectionery company Mondelēz International. The brand name comes from the combination of two German words, which are its two main ingredients, “Milch” (milk) and “Kakao” (cocoa or chocolate). The brand’s symbol is a purple cow named Lila and has a bell around her neck in particular. On the other hand, Milka’s trademark color Lilac aims to capture the spirit of the day. Moreover, the chocolate brand has focused on “tenderness” being their primary advertising theme since the ’60s.


Why Retail Marketing Displays are Important?

Retail marketing consists of promoting awareness and curiosity to the market to generate revenue. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of retail marketing strategies that merchandisers can use to push their brand name to the forefront. Through using powerful marketing tools, they can grow their brand and expand their communication with their customers. Retail POS displays are just one of these powerful marketing tools that can cater to your marketing needs. Customizing them according to your brand marketing campaign can definitely help you elevate your strategy. In this case study, we will take a closer look at Milka’s marketing POS display. Let us unravel how its indulging retail marketing displays lure shoppers out!


Milka’s Retail Marketing Displays: How to Lure Shoppers Out with Customized POS display and Promotional Merchandise Items?

Retail Marketing Displays

Retail Marketing Displays

We have spotted this eye-catching POS product display inside the airport of Sharjah, a city in the United Arab Emirates. The POS display features Lila, the brand’s mascot. The moment we set our eyes upon this retail chocolate display stand, we fell in love with it right away. We certainly find this display amusing. Shoppers literally stop to check out this indulging retail marketing display. Here are the reasons why:

1. It perfectly exhibits Milka’s branding.

From Lila, the purple cow to the trademark colors and logo of Milka— all of these elements are present in this POS display. Shoppers and passersby can recognize right away that this POS display idea belongs to Milka. It perfectly exhibits Milka’s branding and stimulates the senses of customers in this FSDU. By looking at this POS display, it will certainly remind them that this mouthwatering chocolate exists. Furthermore, it certainly sets the brand apart from the competitors with its “distinctive” elements.

2. The subtle color of the POS display is refreshing to the eyes.

Imagine sitting down for hours during your flight and killing time by watching movies. Your eyes might probably get tired, and you would like to roam around for refreshers. This chocolate POS display is an entertaining sight. The delicate brand color of Milka reinforces its “tenderness” to the consumers. Not only is the color refreshing, but head-turning as well. Where can you find a purple cow? It is something that tickles our imagination, which is why it is remarkable.

Retail Marketing Displays

Retail Marketing Displays

3. It offers easy access to shoppers.

At first glance, this POS display is definitely inviting to look at and both sides of the display offer easy access to the shoppers, so they can freely touch the promotional products on offer. Consumers can check out the items anytime they want. It is a perfect way to entice them and make a positive purchase decision.

In addition, this type of POS retail display can accommodate a lot of Milka’s chocolate bars. Merchandisers can check and replenish the display effortlessly. This retail marketing display is also sturdy enough to protect the quality of the chocolate bars. It is just the ideal POS display unit for this kind of product. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best chocolate marketing ideas that we have seen in the market.

4. A great combination of 3 marketing tools.

This retail marketing display is a great combination of 3 powerful marketing tools for chocolate promotion. First, the display rack definitely acts as a massive invitation for shoppers to check out. It is the main tool that the brand can use to attract the attention of the market.

Secondly, the buckets where customers can easily grab chocolate bars. They completed the barnyard look that the brand is going for.

Lastly, Milka’s GWP promotion— Lila’s promotional pouch. Apart from the indulging experience that Milka’s chocolate bars offer, it also provides a useful branded purse. Consequently, this retail marketing display of Milka is a brilliant example of a marketing strategy that you can take note of.

Retail Marketing Displays

Retail Marketing Displays


Here is a similar display done by Milka in the past. This was spotted at Dubai airport and there is no difference between the two displays. Is it a good thing. Well, two things. The positive: it can help reinforce recall. The negative: people tend to overlook that which is familiar to them. So there is that risk. So it is good to switch things up from time to time.


Here is another example. This one was spotted in China. This end cap display features a 5-tier shelf and the head of their mascot. We also love the use of fake grass as it made the whole ensemble come to life.


Wrapping It Up…

Milka definitely boosted up their product promotion with their display and branded gift pouch. The marketing tools they used in this brand campaign absolutely set them apart from their competitors. Ready to make your brand stand out and lure shoppers too? We can totally help you with that!

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