5 Tips for a Successful Shampoo Marketing Strategy

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Body Care Industry is full of market giants like Procter & Gamble (P&G), producing many of the most popular shampoo brands dominating the retail market. The Shampoo Marketing strategies introduced by these corporate giants sets as an important example for competitors to assess.

Today, we will be reviewing one of P&G’s successful brands – Head and Shoulders. We will also feature 5 Tips for a successful shampoo marketing strategy and several area for improvements in this case study.

Campaign Analysis

Shampoo Marketing

Head & Shoulders is a shampoo brand, initally targeted towards middle age men. Therefore, they originally marketed their product and aligned their campaigns with a masculine approach. They definitely organized their marketing messages to appeal to men, and is evidently shown in their advertisements, as well as this campaign.

China has the one of the most biggest fan base for European Soccer Leagues, which made sense for Head & Shoulders to leverage on this customer segment in order to appeal to more people.

Therefore, the brand collaborates with one of the most popular soccer clubs in the league – Football Club Barcelona (FCB).

This campaign is integrated into their on-pack promotion, which offers a free, 100% polyester towel gift-with-purchase.
We applaud Head & Shoulders for being able to score a licensing deal with the club (no pun intended) but there is definitely more to learn from this campaign, even for brands with a lesser marketing budget.

Tip 1: Understand your target market

Shampoo Marketing

As mentioned earlier, Head & Shoulders have a distictive target market that they direct their campaigns to.
Before you plan for your campaign, we recommend our clients to assess their target market and their tastes and preferences.

After all, the general rule of Marketing is to create more customer-centered approach to campaigns. Understanding what your customers like and their choice of lifestyle will allow the brand to leverage on these characteristics in order to capture the market’s attention.

Tip 2: Co-Branding

Shampoo Marketing

Branding requires a lot of time and effort to build up a reputation and customer loyalty. However, a fast way brands try to capture a target market they originally will not be able to by itself – is to co-brand. In other words, brands often sign licensing deals with other popular franchises to use their content, representatives for endorsement or as a collaborative product.

In this case, we see Head & Shoulders leverage on the massive fan base of FCB, which compromises of mostly men. This fits their target demographic and gives Head & Shoulders an opportunity to boost their Shampoo Marketing.

Tip 3: Gift-with-Purchase

Shampoo Marketing

Gift-with-purchase (GWP) is a sales promotion technique that corporate brands use to encourage customer to buy or try their products. It is also a great way to brand a product that is not typically part of your business.

Head  & Shoulders made a great choice to use these Polyester Towels for their Shampoo Marketing.

Ideally, promotional products should be unique items that align with the nature of your business. Towels are complementary with shampoos. They go well hand-in-hand and customers can make a clear association between these 2 products.

This is an important aspect of gift-with-purchase, so that customers do not get confused by your campaign.

Tip 4: Establish a consistent color scheme

Shampoo Marketing

This is probably not as obvious to many, but it definitely serves a purpose visually and in terms of branding. As you can see, FCB and Head and Shoulders share a common corporate color – blue.

We believe the brand strategically chose to partner with FCB partly because of this, and you can see how strikingly blue the color scheme is.

Having a corporate color helps customers identify your brand, as the color becomes a visual representation of your brand. It also serves as an opportunity for the brand to associate itself with one of the most popular football teams in the league, implying that FCB is their original football counterpart.

Tip 5: Adjust your content for your target market

Shampoo Marketing

There is sadly no universal language that all of human race will comprehend the same way. It is important for multi-national brands to adjust their marketing messages to align with the market’s cultural values and customs.

In this case study, Head & Shoulders properly assessed the market, and understood how to appeal to them. Considering how their products were selling in China, they adjust their language on their packaging into Mandarin Chinese – China’s national language.

They also strategically chose a sport that is popular in the country, and leveraged this by associating themselves with FCB.

Areas for Improvement

Shampoo Marketing

We believe that while this shampoo marketing strategy is an overall success, we also believe that it holds its fair share of flaws.

One of the main rebutall we have against this promotion is its excessive use of plastic, and also polyester.
These 2 materials are non-biodegradable and harmful for the enviroment.

The plastic packaging is unnecessary in this case, and the Head & Shoulders team could definitely have chosen a different mix of fabric for their towels.

Our Solution :

Instead of plastic, the brand could have opted for an eco-friendly material, such as corn starch or bamboo. However, we agree that this might be much more costly and also might not be able to produce the same color schemes that were pursued in this campaign.

The towels could also have been made with a mix of eco-friendly textiles, that would be appealling to people who are trying to adopt a environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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