Dove shampoo has a wonderful gift to their customers in Thailand. Shoppers will get a free 4000mAh promotional power bank as an on pack giveaway for every purchase of a 480 ml Dove Damage Repair Collection.

Promotional Power Bank Gives Dove Shampoo a Marketing Edge

Promotional Power Bank Gives Dove Shampoo a Marketing Edge

Dove’s gift with purchase may not have any connection with the product itself but it is reason enough to buy the shampoo. Power banks are among the most wanted marketing gifts and corporate giveaways due to their reliability, functionality, and marketing value. The promotional power bank is an exciting and interesting addition to Dove’s marketing scheme.

Promotional Power Bank Gives Dove Shampoo a Marketing Edge

Promotional Power Bank Gives Dove Shampoo a Marketing Edge

Why We Believe a Promotional Power Bank Can Drive Business Growth

  • Customizable and Brandable: The front and back of the power bank can be printed with logo or brand name to promote your company. You can also use brand colors as in the case of Dove shampoo free power bank. There are lots of exciting possibilities when customizing this item. Below is an example of a custom designed power bank:
  • Practical: Useful promotional products ensure stronger brand exposure as customers will use them on a daily basis. For instance, every time they charge their smartphones, they become exposed to your brand. This way, they will keep your brand on top of mind the next time they go shopping.
  • Better Brand Image: The perceived value of the product increases when customers receive reliable and high quality promotional items. Power banks are quite expensive so having them as an on-pack giveaway can create the illusion that your product is high end as well.
  • Reliable: Recipients will appreciate receiving this gift/giveaway since almost everyone is using a smartphone. Nobody wants to run out of battery life in the middle of an important online conversation.

Is a custom power bank right for you? Power banks are versatile and they work great for any promotional campaign. For a more high-end giveaway you can also create a custom power bank gift set such as this one below:

However, the more tailored and bespoke design would require quite large marketing budget and time to make. Fortunately, our product designers at Mindsparkz have the skills and knowledge in creating high quality designs that meet your branding requirements. Contact ODM to know more about how we can help create unique promotional products for your business.

Cool Marketing Ideas You Need to Check Out:

Leather pouch keeps power banks in pristine condition. Moreover, it is brandable and customizable with embossed/debossed logo.

Attract more customers into your restaurant with this customized menu power banks. Customers can charge their phones while waiting for their food.

This menu power bank lights up when the device is plugged in, revealing the menu or advert. Perfect for cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Cool power bank designs that will suit your marketing budget:

This article explains why cheap promotional power banks are dangerous and why you should always opt for branded ones.