The very famous drink company Coca Cola was running a competition in Germany in relation to the Olympic Games 2012. Have a look at the following picture:

Promotional Idea

To take part in this competition is pretty easy. First, visit a special Coca Cola web page and follow the instruction. This is quite easy and the following step is far from difficult. Lastly, submit your address and that’s all. Maybe you are the chosen one who will win the special gold coin.

Using a gold coin as a promotional product is a unqiue idea for a marketing campaign. Especially when the coin has a great perceived value, it is a big incentive for participating in this competition. Consequently people will get to know some of the company’s products and further information. The unique design and also the relation to the Olympic Games 2012, where everyone strives to win the gold medal, leads this promotion to success.

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Just a few words for our German readers:

Wenn man genau wie Coca Cola solch eine teure Münze als Werbeartikel verwendet, bietet es natürlich einen sehr großen Anreiz an diesem Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen. Hat man die Chance ohne viel Aufwand an einen Wertgegenstand wie die Goldmünze zu kommen, werden sich viele diese nicht entgehen lassen. Besuchen die Leute die Internetseite, so kommen sie in Kontakt mit dem Unternehmen und ihren Produkten, wenn auch manchmal nur sehr kurzzeitig.