Do you know that recently, the demand for Bluetooth speakers has been on the rise? Consumers now prefer small and compact devices such as speakers that are portable. Hence, this branded Bluetooth speaker will be the ideal employee appreciation gift. With these portable custom Bluetooth speakers, users are able to listen to music virtually anytime and anywhere. Let’s take a read on why they act as ideal employee appreciation gifts!

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

4 Features of a Touchscreen Branded Bluetooth Speaker:

Touchscreen Display: This speaker is simple and easy to operate, due to cool-touch control technology. Users can use this feature to conveniently switch songs, answer your calls, and adjust the volume as you please with your finger. The LED display, with blue led light, makes it easy to see the various control buttons, such as volume, rewind, and forward. Conveniently located on the speaker’s top for easier use, even in the dark.

Efficient Bluetooth Connectivity: Users will not waste a minute to establish the required connection with this Bluetooth-enabled device. Furthermore, users who wish to connect it with a non-Bluetooth supported device, do not have to worry. This Branded Bluetooth speaker features an AUZ cable. Hence, enabling users to launch wired connections as well. 

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Multiple Compatibility: Additionally, this Branded Bluetooth Speaker features a carefully designed slot to insert your Micro TF card and play any of your favorite songs. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all your essential tech devices that you can think about. 

Long Battery Life: With a long-lasting battery life of 500mAh, it plays up to 10-12 hours of playback. Playback time will vary according to the user’s choice of sound volume and audio content. Furthermore, users do not have to worry about changing batteries as it is rechargeable. It takes an impressive 2 hours for the branded Bluetooth battery to be fully recharged.

4 Benefits as an Appreciation Gift:

Functional: The Branded Bluetooth speaker’s core function allows users to listen to music and audio etc.  However, they also act as a good employee and business appreciation gift. It is an item that employees will use and additionally helps the business gain unlimited exposure.

Customizable: Companies have the flexibility to customize the branded Bluetooth speaker to their fullest ability. They can choose between different colors of black, gold, silver, etc. Additionally, brand logos can be incorporated to best suit your own company colors. Done correctly, it could set the brand to bigger opportunities and increase brand exposure.


Branded Bluetooth Speaker Logo

Branded Bluetooth Speaker Logo

Attractive: The idea of getting a free item from brands excites everybody. Particularly, if the customized and promotional items are functional, trendy, and unique. Thus, the branded Bluetooth speaker targets the wide demographic of accepting a unique corporate gift.

Versatile Portability: This Branded Bluetooth speaker measures 85*85*30mm in size. This small, compact, and lightweight product is bound to suit the user’s lifestyles. The main material of the speaker is made out of ABS. With such a sturdy body, users can bring them along anywhere and place them in a variety of locations. Thus, users will not have to worry about it falling apart.

Key Product Points

Companies that might be interested in a branded Bluetooth speaker will be in any niche, such as mobile companies and tech brands, etc. Ultimately, it can effectively amplify your brand performance in a plethora of ways. 

It can be a great promotional product, complimentary, and appreciation gift. The multiple features and color variations make the branded Bluetooth speaker even more attractive. Additionally, a convenient option in bringing along a portable speaker on trips. Furthermore, the product can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Branded Bluetooth Speaker


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before doing so. However, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!

How are Bluetooth Speakers Different from WiFi Speakers?

Bluetooth Speakers are wireless and not limited to a particular spot. However, for wifi speakers they are. Additionally, wifi speakers require proper network connectivity for it to function. Bluetooth speakers do not, they only require the linkage to your mobile devices, etc.

What is one disadvantage of a Bluetooth Speaker?

One disadvantage will be the speaker’s transfer distance of 10m. Users can find it exhausting to play music if their connected Bluetooth device is not within the 10m range.