Promotional sports merchandise is always popular and was a big hit at Canton Fair this year. More and more people are getting into fitness and leading healthier lives from whether it’s their dietary, workout exercises or mental health. There are plenty of product ideas when it comes to sports, such as a promotional towel gwp to gift with a main product, branded yoga mats like Kellogg’s exercise mat or branded fitness gloves. In this blog, the massage gun; a new trending sports promotional item will be discussed to sway readers about why it is one of the best products to give to your customers.

Sports Promotional Item

Sports Promotional Item

What Is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a workout recovery machine using a technique called percussive therapy. The main benefits of using a massage gun is to help muscles recover quickly, lessen muscle pain, improve flexibility, movement, and provide relief. Fatigue and injury can lessen muscle fibres. But with a massage gun, the muscle fibres will be relaxed.

Sports Promotional Item

Sports Promotional Item

Reasons Why This Is a Perfect Sports Promotional Item:

  • High perceived value
  • Reflects the company’s values
  • Shows customer’s care of their well-being
  • Gain competitive advantage with high tech products
  • The machine is safe and painless
  • Get a massage anywhere at any time with a massage gun
  • Long battery life lasting between 180-300 mins
  • Portable and easy to handle
  • At least 5 types massage heads for different functions
  • Noise reduction
  • Additional LED display feature


Sports Promotional Item

Sports Promotional Item

To Conclude…

Those were some convincing reasons as to why a massage gun is the sports promotional item your company needs! Whether they are offered as Corporate premium gift ideas or branded products, it will definitely excite your customers. Massage guns are an investment in their health and well-being. This product can offer a lot of benefits that other small promotional products cannot. Wow customers and make them feel appreciated by building a stronger relationship with them.


Does this massage gun suit your brand image or message? Do you want to invest in improving customer relationships? Do you want to gain competitive advantage using promotional products to stand out? The product code for massage guns is 2779. Please quote this when contacting our China or Vietnam office for more information.


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