There are an immense amount of massage products out on the market. We spotted some fun ones at the Hong Kong Electronics Trade Show.

Animal Massage Products

Above are samples of some fun animal shaped massage products. These are entirely customizable to take any shape of animal your company requests. These types of products can be great giveaways for pet shops to give out to their customers or for massage devices to be used for animals.

Sport themed massage products

Here are some sports themed massage products. These are great giveaways for sports teams to give out to their respective fans. Can also be a great GWP campaign for the purchase of sports merchandise at a retail store or with a gym membership purchase. These massage products can be customized to any sport by making the ball shaped as a tennis, baseball or golf ball. Printing a logo of a sports franchise or a brand name will give immediate brand recognition of the product to customers.

More Massage Products

As you can see above any kind of item can be turned into a fun massage product. The pill shaped massage would be a great giveaway for pharmaceutical companies to give out to clients or for drug stores to sell at a special rate with a unique point of sale. Beer bottles, soda cans or oil barrels can be easily labelled by printing a logo, they are easily visible and immediately recognizable.

Convetional Massage Products

Above are some more massage products that we found at the trade show. These are less fun product but are targeted to a more serious customer base that uses massage products frequently for back and body problems. There are an immense product range of massaging devices on the market. Each of these devices are completely customizable, in size, color, print of logo and brand name.

For any assistance in designing and sourcing your custom made massage product contact us. We will be glad to assist you in offering comfort to your clients.