GWP Hair Brush with Massager

Mannings is featuring an innovative gift with purchase promo right now – a hair brush with an in built in head massager. Another great promo from Mannings using GWPs; always in the front line to provide functional, practical promotional products for its customers.

Once you purchase HK$ 499 (almost US$70) Vitagreen products, consumers get a free hair brush.   This brush is exclusive to only Mannings.

The brush also comes with a head massage function, enabling dual functionality in one low cost item and offering amazing utility. By doing so, Mannings effectively enhance the perceived value of Vitagreen products. At the same time, the hair brush goes well with the brand’s reputation for health and beauty products, thus creating synergy.

The hair brush, being portable, allows customers to bring it everywhere they go. Also, hair brushes like this one, combined with a massaging head are hard to come by, making it all the more valuable. Who knows, the brush itself may just evoke an impulse purchase…

On Shelf GWP Promo

Promotional products are always a great start to get your sales running, especially innovative ones. This has been proven and our Mannings Blogs make a great example.

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