It is hard to deny the effectiveness of using promotional products in marketing your brand. They serve as the mouthpiece of your company so it is crucial to invest in high quality and effective marketing merchandise. Grooming items are among marketers’ favorite promotional products. Practical and useful, they are a simple way to get your brand in the hands of customers. In this blog, we will unravel the secrets of this promotional hair brush and perhaps, this could give you some idea for your next upcoming campaign.

Untangle The Marketing Advantage Of This Promotional Hair Brush

Untangle The Marketing Advantage Of This Promotional Hair Brush

Why Promotional Hair Brush?

Unlike other hair brush designs, the uniqueness of this particular brush makes it more interesting and attractive. This brush is mainly made of plastic with a colourful custom designed plush toy as the main design. Even if the whole ensemble looks stuffy, you’ll be surprised by how light this brush is when in use.

What Makes This Promotional Hair Brush Extra Special?

  • Design – Obviously, the first thing that you’ll notice with this brush is the fluffy promotional plush toy that is attached. It may kind of look like a novelty item but if your brand has a mascot or any remarkable icon that may be turned into a plush toy, then, this will definitely work for you. If you would like to know more about manufacturing plush toys, please feel free to check the blog below.
  • Nostalgic And Positive Effect – Aside from the fact that this promo brush is fully functional, the Plush toy design reminds one of their childhood days, bringing back memories of the good old days. Thus, this can help with the positive brand association because it brings out joy and fun. Therefore, customers would love to use this promotional hair brush anytime.
  • Branding Potential – The ability to customize can totally increase the unique selling point as brands become more competitive. By inserting a logo or turning the brand mascot into a plush toy, brand awareness will also improve. This is because customers, especially kids would love to have this cute product in their collection, thus making the brand a part of their daily routine.
Untangle The Marketing Advantage Of This Promotional Hair Brush

Untangle The Marketing Advantage Of This Promotional Hair Brush

It is really important to offer a gift with purchase that is practical and can be used by customers because this ensures the staying power of your promotional product. Best if it can be used concurrently with the product you are selling, to achieve maximum brand recall effect. So, if you’d like to create your own promotional hair brush, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our dedicated team will help you with any promotional product ideas for your marketing campaigns.


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